Why You Should Subscribe to Job Boards as an Undergraduate

It is no news that the Nigerian Labour Market is one of the toughest places to be in because of the high level of unemployment in the country especially among the youths.

As an undergraduate you might feel safe and relaxed because you are in school, you might have the mindset of “When I get to that bridge I’ll cross it” that bridge is the one that lies between the labour market and unemployment.  Every undergraduate is confident that when they leave school they will get a job, but it’s not that easy.

Everyone knows that preparation is key, what better way to prepare yourself than subscribing to a job board.

Job boards are basically there to give you updates on what is going on in the labour market in terms of vacancies, recruitment process, tips for successful interviews… things like that.

It is beneficial to every undergraduate to subscribe to a job board because

  1. It gives you an overview of the Labour market

A job board releases vital information regarding what company and what industry is recruiting. As an undergraduate you might not be able to apply for those jobs but you have access to the requirements for the job. The requirements usually include years of experience, job description and sometimes qualities that the applicant should possess. This information is vital to you as an undergraduate because it gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself in line with the information which you have in your hands.


  1. It gives you firsthand information on programmes you could benefit from

Job Boards do not only give information on vacancies for graduates, they also give information on trainings and part time programmmes that undergraduates can apply for. You can also get alerts on internship programmes that you can apply for. One thing that sells a graduate in the Nigerian labour market is the amount of experience that you have had.

So instead of relaxing during the summer holidays, you can apply for an internship position which adds to your wealth of experience.


  1. Get information for scholarship programmes

More often than not scholarship programmes are not announced on local TV or on the news. You can get exclusive details about scholarship opportunities when you subscribe to a job board. As mentioned above, job boards give you first hand information. For those of you looking to further your education: MBA, MSc, PHd e.t.c. you can subscribe to a job board to get exclusive details of scholarship opportunities. Also as a member of certain job boards you can be offered a discount.


  1. It gives you tips on how to succeed in the labour market

Searching for a job is not easy; for every company you apply to you get invited for an interview. Some graduates do not know how to act during interviews; they do not know the right things to say that will guarantee them a spot in the company. A job board can give you an insight into what interviewers are asking now, the best way to respond when asked a particular question, How to comport yourself during an interview.

All these tips prepare you as an undergraduate for the job market.


  1. It gives you information about different companies

Subscribing to a job board gives you access to information about different companies in Nigeria. This can help facilitate the choices you make regarding the company you want to work for, it also provides you with vital information that you can use in tailoring yourself to fit into that organization’s goals and objectives.


If you are an undergraduate, after reading these tips I see no reason why you should not subscribe to Joblanda. Click here to subscribe now and start enjoying the benefits!

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