How To Stay Active & Keep Smiling While You Are Unemployed

Unemployment is a situation that nobody wants to be in. It is difficult nowadays to get a job due to the receding economic situation. This situation is the cause of so many social vices that have increased the level of corruption in countries. What causes these people to go into these vices it is because of the depressing situation of unemployment?

The thing is you have to try to make the best out of your situation. Being unemployed is not the end of the world it is an opportunity for you to tap into your strengths and find something worthwhile to do with your life.

Here is a list of things you can do while you are unemployed

  1. Look for a job

As an unemployed individual it is the only logical thing to do to look for a job. Looking for a job requires applying through every possible channel you can find; subscribing to job boards is a great start as this helps you get information on what company is recruiting and how to get a job and what to do to get it. Networking is also a great way to get a job as it helps you build connections.


  1. Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to forge relationships that can help you get a job. Networking involves creating connections with people that have interests in your career aspirations and can help you facilitate/fast track your success journey. It involves asking for your advice from people in your network. It is important to make connecting with people a priority as this is the best way to build a network.


  1. Find a hobby

Instead of letting the depression of unemployment get to you, find something worth your while, something productive that you can channel your boredom to. Even if you do not have something you are good at you can learn a skill; photography, graphic designing, wire crafts all these are handy skills that can be turned into a business venture with time.


  1. Socialize

Socializing is an important tool to ease your boredom and lift your spirits. It is also a good way to get yourself your next job. Go out with friends, going out doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend money, there are a lot of places you can go and hang out for free without spending lots of money.


  1. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to while away time; it is also a way to create connections with people that can help you get jobs. Volunteering might not be something so serious; you could volunteer at an orphanage home, a shelter, hospital, firms’ e.t.c.


  1. Update your skills

While you are unemployed seize the opportunity to enhance your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses; you can also use it as an avenue to update your already rusty skills. Attend workshops and seminars, learn a new skill, and learn a foreign language. All these are ways to make sure that you are super ready when you finally get a job.


  1. Freelance

Freelancing is another way to while away time and the good thing about it is that you get to make money off it. Freelancing involves giving out your services to people without necessarily having to commit yourself to them long-term. This requires making your skills and talents work for you. It is also a way to boost your skills, resume, portfolio, income and confidence.


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