Production Engineer Job at Plantation Industries Limited

Plantation Industries Limited is a leading Cocoa Processing Factory in Nigeria based in Akure, Ondo State right in the heart of Nigeria’s cocoa growing belt.

Plantation Industries Limited is an offshoot of Agro Traders Limited one of the Nigeria’s largest exporters of cocoa beans. With emphasis on meticulous quality control of raw cocoa that feed our plant, Plantation Industries Limited has successfully earned itself a market wide reputation for the responsible and reliable supply of high quality cocoa products to the international market.

Job Title: Production Engineer

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, increase mean time to failure, reduce mean time to repair  and work cooperatively and jointly to maintain required quality standards.
  • Designs and prepares plans, specifications, and estimates for new projects;
  • Responsible for designing and running a viable maintainance schedule for smooth operation of the factory
  • To ensure that total stoppages due to engineering intervention do not lead to more than 1 hour in a shift of 12 hours.
  • Build high performance team through mentoring and knowledge sharing.
  • Ensure that production is adequately supported to produce set management targets for production on every section of the line.
  • Must be proactive and work through the prepared maintenance schedule to ensure that allowable stoppage of production in a shift is not exceeded.
  • Must esure adequate spares are kept year round to meet any need for engineering intervention on the production line
  • Must ultilize the acceptable maintenance window to ensure optimal throughput is sustained all year round.
  • Ensure plants are kept safe and clean
  • Ensure that maintenance activities are carried out safely without contamination to products.
  • Ensure that there no product spillage, leakage or loss as a result of equipment or automation failure.

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes
Knowledge of:

  • Engineering procedures and techniques.
  • Engineering terminology.
  • Symbols and terminology used in engineering drawings.

Ability to:

  • Perform a broad range of supervisory responsibilities over others.
  • Read and interpret mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pnuematic and other engineering drawings.
  • Compute quantities and make cost estimates.
  • Design and/or review the design of engineering projects.
  • Prepare engineering drawings that are neat, accurate and logically arranged.
  • Understand and write specifications.
  • Prepare analytical reports.
  • Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.

Required Competencies
Engineering Manager is required to have competencies in the following areas, Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, and Instrumentation, Utilities, Engineering Workshop and execution of New installation.
Depth of competencies is further expatiated.
Mechanical Maintenance and Utility

  • He must demonstrate practical knowledge and hands on experience on maintaining mechanical systems for food processing equipment, spanning fitting experience to team lead experience. These will include using principles, techniques, procedures and necessary working tools to solve mechanical problems in timely fashion in line with best practice.
  • It will also include preparing and effecting schedule maintenance and turn around maintenance on processing equipment.
  • This requirement extends to the utility equipment where the engineering manager will be required in addition to above to develop in house capability to carry out routine services to the Generators, Chillers, air compressors, boiler, etc.

Electrical Maintenance

  • He must demonstrate knowledge of electrical installation, which will involve understanding of electrical line diagram, electric motor installation, control panel components and lighting systems. Hands on experience are not required.

Control Instrumentation

  • The engineering manager must have knowledge of all control devices used on mechanical systems in processing equipments. He must have detail knowledge and functionality as related to the process. The knowledge is not limited to the following; temperature devices, level measurement devices, measuring gauges, actuators, PLC etc. Hands on experience required to diagnoses and repair may not be needed, but their informed knowledge is able to lead the technician to solve the problems

Engineering Design and Workshop

  • On regular basis there are mechanical designs activities emanating due to need to solve challenges and also to increase efficiency of the systems. Such activities might involve new design or modification of product pipe lines, air line, condensate, hot water, chilled water, steam line, heating and air conditioning system, energy management, insulation, management of effluent, etc.
  • The engineering manager is required to have designing knowledge of the above activities to make sure the task are carried out once and meet the objective set.
  • The engineering manager is in charge of the Engineering workshop, He must be able to supervise the machinist, fabricator or welder to ensure his designs are transformed to reality and other fabrication works are done to precision. He is required to have good knowledge of how to use all workshop equipment.  But expert knowledge is not required.

New Installation
The engineering manager will provide over all supervision for new installation and sign off.

How to Apply
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