Orange Social Venture Prize 2016

Orange launches the 6th edition of the Orange Social Venture Prize. Four winners will receive 55,000 Euro. If they use information and communication technologies (ICT) in an innovative fashion to exert a positive influence on society and/or the environment in Africa or the Middle East, they can have a piece in this adventure. If you are this very person and your social entrepreneurship could enjoy a little help, take part to the contest!The Orange Social Venture Prize rewards entrepreneurs developing products or services that use ICT in an innovative way to meet the needs of people in Africa or the Middle East in fields such as health, agriculture, education, energy, industry or trade.
Over the past five years, the thousands of projects which have been submitted for the Orange Social Venture Prize display the dynamism of entrepreneurs and the potential of the telecommunications sector in the region.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any entrepreneur (aged 21 or over) or legal entity that has been in existence for fewer than three years at the time of the competition may participate at no cost and with no restriction on nationality.
  • Submitted projects must be designed to be deployed in at least one of the African or Middle Eastern countries in which Orange operates (as listed in the rules) and must use information and communications technology in an innovative way to help improve the living conditions of the populations in these countries.

A few Orange Social Venture Prize facts:

– it has been existing since 2011;
– candidates applied with more than 2600 projects;
– Orange rewarded 16 winners with 265,000 Euro;
– 22 projects benefited from hundreds of hours of mentoring and advice by experts.


  • The projects of 4 start-ups will be recognized during the awards ceremony with prizes of 25,000, 15,000 and 10,000, while 5,000 euros will go to the winner of the Special Cultural Content Prize.
  • The 10 finalists of the Prize and the “Entrepreneur Club’s choice” award will also receive special support from the Grow Movement NGO for 6 months.
  • The awards will be broken down as follows:
  • 1st prize: the payment of €25, 000 (twenty-five thousand euros).
  • 2nd prize: the payment of an amount of €15,000 (fifteen thousand euros)
  • 3rd prize: the payment of an amount of € 10, 000 (ten thousand euros).
  • 4th Special Cultural Content prize: the payment of an amount of €5,000 ( five thousand euros).

For More Information and to Apply:
Visit the Official Webpage

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