Opportunity at UNDP for a Consultant – Service Contract Salary Survey

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UNDP is recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Consultant – Service Contract Salary Survey

Location: Abuja, NIGERIA
Type of Contract: Individual Contract
Post Level: National Consultant
Starting Date: (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 01-Apr-2016
Duration of Initial Contract: Six Weeks
Expected Duration of Assignment: Six Weeks

UNDP Nigeria is currently using a salary scale matrix for National project personnel called Service Contract holders (SC) that were updated in 2014. Individuals engaged to work in programmes or projects are hired under the Service Contract contractual modality, which is a non-staff contract. It is a decentralized contracting instrument, which is cost effective and flexible for use only by UNDP country offices and regional centres outside of Headquarters Individuals contracted under SC, are not considered UN staff members and therefore, are not covered by UN Staff Regulations and Rules.

The basis for the establishment of conditions of service for Service Contract (SCs) holders is based on the local labour market. Therefore, the remuneration package for Service Contracts must be consistent with prevailing levels of pay for similar services and comparable work in the local labour market. UNDP Nigeria would like to update the current remunerations of Service Contract holders utilizing the set procedures in the UNDP Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel. In this context, the survey process will be carried out by a technically qualified individual with extensive expertise in labour market analyses, management and organizational development. Accordingly, UNDP Nigeria solicits proposals from interested individuals to conduct a salary survey and to assist UNDP Nigeria in coming up with a revised and reasonable salary scale for SC holders.

In accordance with the established UNDP rules and regulations governing Service Contract; and based on the established UNDP methodology called Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel, and existing SC salary scale; the individual will conduct an independent survey the purpose of which, is to update the current salary scale for Service Contract holders based on the prevailing local market rates for similar work of comparable quality, complexity and difficulty. The individual is also expected through the process to assess the comparative status of the UN scale as to where it stands as an employer in the local market.

Duties and Responsibilities
Scope of Assignment:

  • The selected individual, jointly with UNDP Nigeria, will compile and suggest a list of employers as Comparators, which may be considered for SC remuneration survey for approval by UNDP Nigeria;
  • The selected individual will carry out the survey based on the Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel and collect, compile, analyze and interprets data collected in a written report.

The selected individual will collect the following information from each of these Comparators:

  • Job descriptions of the similar positions for Job matching process with proposed comparator organizations on the nature, complexities and responsibilities of each position of existing SC levels;
  • Review tax applications and apply any updates to the new salary scale;
  • The selected individual will then compare the new salary scale with other UN Agencies’ scales for similar contractual modality;
  • The selected individual will present analysis to UNDP Nigeria and make recommendations on the proposed salary scale.
  • Collect and analyze the salary structures and associated benefits (including typical allowances and benefits package) of the selected employers in comparison to existing SC Job descriptions.
  • Research on social security options available on the Nigerian market and make recommendations on a reliable and suitable options;

Based on the established UNDP Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel and within the time frame specified, the selected individual is expected to submit a report which includes, but not limited to, the following outputs:

  • Details and Summary of data collected from the Comparators showing TOR matches and the evaluation of their remuneration package;
  • Present the Minimum and Maximum Remuneration values of all job matches obtained from the comparators;
  • A proposal with options for a revised remunerations scale for SC holders as set out in the UNDP Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel (options at the 40th, 50th and 60th Percentile levels);
  • A comparison of other UN salary scales for similar contractual modalities;
  • Highlight of benefits offered by comparator organizations for similar contractual modalities with emphasis on annual leave, sick leave, maternity & paternity leave, health coverage, life & disability insurance, vacation benefits and public holidays.
  • A report on final survey findings with comparison and analysis of the survey results, recommendations related to remuneration packages;
  • A summary table of Comparators practices on remunerations compared to UNDP Nigeria Service Contract salary scale;

Recommendation for a social security / investment plan that takes into account the following:

  • The versatility of this contractual instrument;
  • The short-term nature of the service contract;
  • Provide all completed questionnaires together with relevant salary and all relevant documentations and correspondences with the respective comparators;
  • After the submission of the draft report to the country office, the selected individual may be requested to provide additional data or clarifications to UNDP HQ.
  • Payment under the contract will be output based and will be made upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.The work will be supervised by UNDP Human Resources Associate.
  • The need to ensure that individuals engaged under this contract have a retirement/savings plan;
  • Fulfilment of UNDP’s obligation to assure that service contract holders have social security as stipulated in the Service Contract User Guide;
  • Incorporation of comments and suggestions made by UNDP Nigeria, if any, into the proposal for SC remunerations;


  • The entire task is expected to be completed in 6 weeks from the date of signing of the contract. The selected individual is required to prepare and submit the entire plan in a way that allows him/her to achieve the entire deliverables within 6 weeks.


  • It is highly expected that the selected individual will maintain the highest level of confidentiality with respect to the information provided during and after the completion of the assignment. The selected individual shall be expected to practice highest standard professional and ethical values and norms in providing this consultancy services.


  • Ability to work precise, fast and to the point;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Familiarity with the UNDP rules and regulations and experience within UN system would be an advantage;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment.

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least a first Degree in Statistics, Economics, Social Sciences or any related field.


  • Proven track of experience of at least five years in the area of compensation and benefits for international organizations as well as data collection and analysis;
  • Experience dealing with salary survey for nonprofit organizations will be an asset;
  • Familiarity with labor market issues in Nigeria.


  • Fluent in English.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV’s to: [email protected] indicating’ Consultancy for the Provision of Salary Survey Services for UNDP Nigeria’ in the subject field.

Submission of Offers
Offer should include the following elements:

  • Technical proposal with details on the proposed approach;
  • References/contacts (please. provide at least 3 organizations that employed your service for similar assignments).
  • Full cost estimate in Nigerian Naira and breakdown of related costs.

Application Deadline  23rd March, 2016.

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