NYSC Orientation Camp Check List: What to take & What to leave behind

Life is a whole new and different experience at the NYSC orientation camp for fresh graduates. Thus said, it is always important to familiarize oneself with the requirements for an enjoyable stay at the camp. Below is a list of all you should take with you before you leave home to the orientation camp:


The following documents are very essential for your entry into the camp. Ensure you make enough photocopies of all the required documents before you leave home as they charge exorbitant prices at the camp.

Call up letter: You can obtain this directly from your school or it would be sent directly to your mail if this was the option you chose while doing the initial online registration.

School leaving credentialsWAEC/NECO/GCE results and certificates should all be taken with you.

Birth certificate

Passport photo (20 or more): You will need them for processing your documents during and after orientation.


Most of the clothes you will need to wear at the orientation camp will be provided for by the NYSC especially the traditional Khaki outfit and boots. Notwithstanding, it is important to make personal provisions for some important clothing items. Materials provided by the NYSC may not last long and may tear off when stretched to its limit.

Cardigans, sweaters, blanket, bed sheets and cover clothes

White tennis or jogging shoes

Non transparent durable pure white T-shirts

White 3 quarter shorts

Pair of white stocks.

SIM Cards of Different Telecom Networks:

It is very important to make provision for SIM cards from the different telecom networks. The place where your camp is located may not have access to the only network you have been using. It is only appropriate to have your MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL SIM cards with you. Ensure they are also registered.

Body Care:

Bathroom slippers


Clippers/shaving sticks (some camps prohibit electrical appliances)






Waist pouch (to keep your money, phones and other valuable things)

Touch light

Extra battery for your phone

Desktop charger

Spoons, plates and coolers

Provision: the food that is served at the camp may not meet your expectation. So taking extra provision may be very important. Corn flakes, golden morn, garri, sugar, butter, groundnut are valuable beverages you should take with you. Also take extra money to buy food at the “mami” market.

What not to take:

There are certain things you should try to not take with you to the camp. This is because you won’t be having the leisure of a free time to watch over all your properties. Some other things you cannot take with you to the camp are prohibited: They are –


Boiling ring

Pressing iron

Metal cutlery



Sharp cutting objects.

Have an adventurous stay in camp.

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