Mercy Corps Vacancy for a Nigeria Data Management and Protection Review Consultant

Mercy Corps is a global, non-governmental organization, which exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Mercy Corps works in the areas of emergency relief, sustainable economic development and civil society.
Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided $1 billion in assistance to people in 94 nations. Mercy Corps Nigeria is collaborating with the Federal Government of Nigeria, the UK Department for International Development and USAID partners implementing economic development programs throughout the country, and opened its Nigeria Field Office in December 2012.

We are seeking to engage interested and qualified candidate for the position of:

Job Title: Consultant – Nigeria Data Management and Protection Review – Global/Nigeria

Tracking Code: 219944-927
Location: Abuja
Position Type: Consulting


The Electronic Cash Transfer Learning Action Network (ELAN) convenes humanitarian agencies and private sector partners to support shared learning and direct communication around four major work streams: (1) e-vouchers, (2) e-cash, (3) pathways to financial inclusion and (4) data management and protection. The network is convened by Mercy Corps with support from the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth. An advisory group including the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), International Rescue Committee (IRC), MasterCard, Mercy Corps, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and Oxfam guides ELAN work prioritization. Each work stream includes a set of members who can contribute to defining, contributing to or reviewing work under that work stream.

The fourth work stream-data management and protection-focuses on providing practical guidance to field staff to address related challenges. To gather learning and provide useful recommendations on this topic requires learning from concrete examples of current practices and challenges. In Nigeria, Mercy Corps is currently using the Red Rose e-voucher platform to deliver assistance to approximately 4,100 households. CRS has an agency focus on field data management and is using the same platform for assistance in Nigeria, providing an opportunity to share learning and compare practices to create a case study of potential use to the broader humanitarian community.

Purpose / Project Description

  • The consultant will work with Mercy Corps and CRS field staff teams to map data flows and practices, document these cases and provide general recommendations based on the comparative experiences and challenges in this context.
  • Technical support on cash and e-transfer questions will be provided by the ELAN/Mercy Corps. CRS headquarters staff can provide support or explanations of any agency-specific practices.

Consultant Objectives:

  • Produce a case study comparing learning from data management and protection practices of Mercy Corps and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Nigeria e-voucher programs, including attention to recommendations that could apply to other e-transfer contexts.
  • Materials or guidance used in defining data management flows, processes and protection risks that can be used by field programs analyze their own practices may be annexed to the case study document.

Consultant Activities:

  • The Consultant will conduct a data management and protection case study (up to 16 days total LOE)
  • Use data management mapping to identify protection risks and challenges.
  • Draft a case study report to highlight both NGOs’ data management systems, challenges faced, adaptations, any context-specific recommendations and suggestions applicable to other contexts.
  • Share with field teams and headquarters staff for feedback.
  • Revise and finalize case study document based on feedback.
  • Present final case study as part of a webinar with interested ELAN members and Nigeria staff.
  • Introductory meeting to clarify objectives, activities, timeframe with ELAN staff and CRS headquarters advisor(s).
  • Desk review of CRS and Mercy Corps data management and protection practices as detailed in standard operating procedures and related by staff (desk review and interviews – in person or remote).
  • Meet with relevant information management and program staff to map data management processes.
  • Hold a workshop with both agency teams in country to discuss data management adaptations in response to challenges, outstanding issues and potential solutions.
  • Develop map of current data management practices

Consultant Deliverables:

  • The Consultant will provide a final case study integrating feedback by CRS and Mercy Corps in country and headquarters staff and based on material generated in the in-country workshop.

Timeframe / Schedule:

Date expected

  • Introduction with ELAN and CRS staff/confirm work schedule and deliverable dates (0.5 day)
  • Upon contract signature
  • Desk review of program materials and staff pre-interviews if desired (2 days)
  • Before field visit
  • Within two weeks of field visit
  • Revise and submit final version (2 days)
  • Within approximately one month of field visits
  • Webinar: presentation of findings to field teams and other ELAN members (0.5 day)
  • TBD
  • Field visit including data gathering with each team, facilitating workshops on data management and protection challenges (8 days including travel)
  • Second half of November (TBC)
  • Draft report and recommendation; send to field team/HQ representatives for comments and revisions (3 days)

The Consultant will report to:

  • Electronic Cash Transfer Officer (Mercy Corps / ELAN)

The Consultant will work closely with:

  • Mercy Corps/ELAN
  • CRS
  • Manager, IT Deployment Services, CRS;
  • Program Manager, CRS;
  • Additional CRS information management and program staff in Nigeria
  • Electronic Cash Transfer Program Manager, Mercy Corps/ELAN
  • Director of Humanitarian Programs, Mercy Corps Nigeria;
  • Program Coordinator, Mercy Corps Nigeria;
  • Additional Mercy Corps information management and program staff in Nigeria

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