Médecins Sans Frontières Vacancy for an Entry-Level ICU Nurse

Médecins Sans Frontières is a private, non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to populations in crisis, without discrimination and regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

Job Title:  Entry-Level ICU Nurse

Main Responsibilities

  • Respect patient confidentiality and maintain privacy at all times
  • Ensure all equipment are available and in good working condition using the checklist provided in ICU
  • Provide nursing care to the patients in intensive care Unit throughout their admission in accordance with MSF standards and protocols
  • Adhere to work schedule as per roster and on-call requirements (flexibility!)
  • Treat all patients and their family members with respect
  • Maintain ward hygiene and patient hygiene as well
  • Proper admission of patient and maintain vital signs, record and call report any danger signs noted.

Specific Responsibilities
Patient care

  • Ensure Management of ABC- airway, breathing and circulation.
  • Ensure safe transfer of patient from trolley or wheelchair to ICU bed.
  • Check and recorded urinary output on arrival in recovery and at least hourly during recovery period note colour of urine.
  • Maintain all input and output chart
  • Ensure earlier ambulation of patient following surgery where necessary
  • Ensure passive and active exercise to all postoperative patient
  • Check wound for ooze on arrival and regularly during recovery period and document on recovery chart.
  • Check bleeding from vagina in all obstetric cases at hourly interval for the first three hours, if stable then two hourly.
  • Be aware of parameters for all observations.
  • Proper post -operative management of patient and recovery. notify doctor of any concern including if observation are not normal
  • Take handover from Anesthetist and receive instructions.
  • Ensure all IV, catheter and drain tubing securely attached and not kinked or pulled during transfer to ICU bed
  • If patient unconscious, must be lying in recovery position (on her side) until awake
  • Hang IV bags and urinary bags accordingly
  • Place monitor: (a)Oxygen via mask if required; (b) SaO2% probe on finger; (c)BP cuff on arm
  • Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, Sao2 and respiration to be take and recorded at 15 minute interval the first hour. If stable then take every half hour.

Managing Stock 

  • Evaluation of needs
  • Ensure that sufficient and appropriate materials are available at all times for required tasks. Notify the ICU supervisor for any shortage
  • Maintain up to date skills and knowledge through attendance at internal trainings and me
  • Ensure all drugs, material and equipment are available at the beginning and end of the shift

Data Management/Documentation

  • Register all admission in and exist from the unit
  • Document all care rendered to the patient
  • Ensures that registers, charts and logs are in good condition
  • Participate in collection of data
  • Keep all register clean and updated


  • Collecting/disposing of material
  • Putting needles and sharps in safety box.
  • Check linen for sharps and instruments before discarding into linen containers
  • Ensure cleaning completed before next patient and at end of day.
  • Know procedure to follow if accidental blood exposure.
  • Provide oral toilet, bed bathing, and pressure area care, daily to the patient admitted into ICU where necessary.
  • Keep working area in a tidy area in tidy state.
  • Apply waste management protocols correctly (use bin system correct)

Training and Management

  • Assist with training of new staff
  • Participate in formation of new protocols
  • Attend and participates in training sessions
  • Attend regular ICU meetings.
  • Update own knowledge and identify areas requiring training.
  • Participate in regular self-evaluations.
  • Assist with the collection of appropriate data if required.

Managing Materials

  • Check function of ICU equipment and supplies.
  • Inform ICU supervisor if defect or broken.
  • Replace/fill used medication and supplies at end of your shift.
  • Environment
  • Ensure cleaning standards maintained.

Required Skills and Conditions
Professional Competencies

  • Nigerian Registered Nursing Qualification with a minimum of 1 -2 years of post-qualification experienced.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Hausa language

Personal Qualities

  • Strong work ethic: punctuality, responsibility and flexibility
  • Respect the work as a team member
  • High level of motivation including capacity to initiate and to learn

Experience and Skills Required

  • Previous experience in a similar position

Work Location

  • Jahun MSF Base and General Hospital, Jigawa State (Nigeria).


  • 208 working hours per month and roster flexibility required.

How to Apply

Submit your CV, copies of diplomas, qualifications and a cover letter with contact details to the MSF Admin’ Office in Jahun (“Application Box” at the Watchmen Desk).

Applications can be submitted in person or by email to: [email protected]

Only successful applicants will be called for interview. 

Application Deadline: 10th July 2016.

Notice: No monetary transactions, neither demands of favours in kind, nor other types of favouritism will be tolerated in the recruitment process.

MSF reserves the right to refuse hiring of a candidate having benefitted from such acts. All illicit demands of these types may be pursued through the judicial system.

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