Marketing Executives Jobs in Nigeria at Advocate Healthcare Ghana

Advocate Healthcare Ghana formerly M&B International Dental Laboratory has the following job vacancy in Nigeria

Job Title:   Marketing Executive/Nigeria Sales Rep

Job Description
The Lagos/Abuja/PortHarcourt offices (Advocate Dental Services) shall be operated in accordance with the organisation’s sales and marketing strategy and policy as directed or approved by the Ghana office.

In your capacity as Sales Officer, the management of Advocate entrust in your care the general management of the sales operations of the Lagos office with the following as your main responsibilities:

  • Directly report to your Supervisor and General Manager (Advocate Health Care) or anybody the CEO may so designate in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Conduct work in the following manner:
  • Ensure accurate and proper book keeping in accordance with the financial system in operation.
  • Strategically plan to achieve corporate objectives
  • Nurture clients by maintaining our present client and expand our clientele base.
  • Respond to any and all statutory demands and ensure continuity of the Advocate Dental Services in Nigeria.
  • Adhere to all directives of the board and management of Advocate Dental Services, a division of Advocate Health Care.
  • Pick-up cases from clients in time.
  • Read and confirm information on job card with cast/impression.
  • Prepare a detailed waybill of cases to be sent to the lab.
  • Repackage cases and send to the lab.
  • Pick up cases from transport terminal and confirm from waybill
  • Repackage products for distribution.
  • Call clients for periodic feedback on fit, quality and shade of jobs already delivered.

Please do not hesitate to call on any authority for help with any of the above duties.


Minimum qualification should be WASSCE cerificate and maximum should be polytechnic diploma in any subject preferably, marketing.
Prospective candidates should have good communication skills and negotiation skills.
The company will require a minimum of 3 candidates in Lagos, 2 candidates in port harcourt and 2 candidates in Abuja.


REMUNERATIONFor the execution of the above duties, the company will pay you a flat salary of N20, 000 and commission base on the number of cases you pick up and deliver. The details of the commission are as follows:

  • A. You will earn N250 as commission on every case you pick and send to the lab which is manufactured and sent to the dentist in Nigeria and fully paid for. There is no limit on what you can potentially earn
  • B. You will earn N50 per case on the total number cases per year. The total number of cases will be computed after deducting the number of repeated and delayed cases. Cases delayed or repeated due to the labs fault will not be deducted.
  • C. You will earn 1% on the total deposits made by your clients annually.

Please Note: Items B and C will only be paid annually to persons who work throughout the year.
We count on your expertise and trustworthiness

How to Apply 
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply

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