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5 Healthy Habits That Will Make You More Productive

There is a popular saying that “Health is Wealth”. This is very true as it is only one who is healthy that can achieve anything substantial in a day or in a lifetime. There is every tendency that as a working class citizen you forget all about your health in your quest to meet up […]

The things you post on social media may be affecting your job hunting

Social media is one of the best things that has happened to this present generation. It’s an avenue to share your life experiences, your personality, your views and opinions with others. Social media might be one of the best things that has happened to youths of this generation but it has its negative sides. As […]

10 Nigerians who made it big as Entrepreneurs

It is no news that starting a business in Nigeria is very tough because of the lack of basic infrastructure most especially power. Also with the growing population of Nigerians, there is a deficit of business ideas. However, some individuals have found opportunities where others did not and have found ways to grow successful business […]

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Nigerian companies that have laid off lots of employees and why

The Nigerian economy has been quite unstable for some time now. From falling oil prices to increasing naira to dollar exchange rate that have multiplier effects on the economy. Nigeria has been plagued by unemployment for a long time, the rate of unemployment has been at 23.9% since 2013 and from the way things are […]

How to survive a low income NYSC job

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a compulsory requirement for getting a job in Nigeria. It entails a whole year of service to the country in exchange for a certificate and a monthly salary that is a little above the minimum wage (#18,000) in Nigeria. The salary comes along with some benefits like free health […]

How your lack of job experience is hindering your getting a job and how to fix it

Work experience is paramount for every job seeking graduate. The Nigerian job market is a very competitive place and one of the things that can boost your chances in your search is your wealth of job experience. More often than not job adverts come with a certain amount of work experience attached to it. Some […]

First Job after NYSC: Should I Settle

As undergraduates we all had big dreams of what we wanted to become in life, where we wanted to work, what businesses we wanted to be involved in; some even went as far as draw up a step by step career plan for themselves. As time progresses, we come to find that not everything goes […]

What To Do When Your Job Doesn’t Pay Enough

Ever had the feeling that your job doesn’t pay you enough? Ever found a job that you absolutely love and enjoy doing but it doesn’t pay enough? Ever had a job that you hated so much and it doesn’t pay enough but you just keep doing it because it’s your only source of income and […]

How to write a proper resumé that will impress Nigerian companies

A resumé is everything to a Nigerian graduate as well as companies. A resumé is what you send to companies in application for a job, your resumé gives the company you applied to an insight into your abilities, qualifications, strengths, it also helps them form an opinion about you; if you are the best candidate […]

Avoiding Online Scams & Fake Employers in Nigeria

Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria (23.9% of Nigerian population) especially among the youths (70% of 23.9%), it is of little wonder that every one is desperate for a job. Every year thousands of graduates are released into the Nigerian labour market and there is a limited number of job opportunities available […]

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