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Human Resources Manager

Description :    

Job Objectives:

  • Directly own the entire Human Resources portfolio
  • Accountable and responsible for the development and integration of human resource programs and associated projects to achieve the strategic business goals and operational objectives of the company

Key Responsibilities:

  • Align to the company’s Pioneer’ strategic objectives and short, medium and long term goals
  • Align and ensure adaptation of employees to the company’s Pioneer Limited’ management style, culture and core values
  • Implement the company’s behavioural matrix that aligns the objectives and priorities of the staff.
  • Implement a Performance Monitoring System that constantly evaluates the labor contributions of employees to the business and also ensures fairness and performance based compensation to the employees
  • Through the HR Reporting Matrix, monitor the labor value of the division and ensure that the employees’ contribution to the company reflects a positive impact.

Staff Planning

  • Have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the Human Resources needed by the company for an effective achievement of the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Plan the resources available and those also required in alignment with the skills needed for the business.
  • Ensure a good match between the resources available with the competences expected by the businesses.
  • Align the resources required by the businesses with the budgetary capabilities of the businesses.
  • Ensure a prompt recruitment of talents needed by the business in an effective way and approach.
  • Own the ‘total cost to company (CTC)’ of the employees in alignment with the budgetary conveniences of the businesses.
  • Ensure the availability of all staff’s work tools or adaptable conditions that enhance and stimulates excellent performances from employees
  • Keeps records for employees as they cover all aspects including insurances and pension plan, personnel transactions such as hires, promotions, transfers, performance reviews, and terminations, and employee statistics for organisational reporting

Talent Management

  • Oversee the search, availability and recruitment of the entire Company needed resources within the stipulated time.
  • Plan and manage new employees’ orientation programs ensuring that the programs stimulate positive attitude towards the Company goals.

Set up a successful succession management program that achieves the following;

o Tracks best talents across all levels and functions and provide career development opportunities for them
o Effectively severe the weak performers at all levels from the businesses and ensure the retention of quality resources
o Ensuring that there are replacements internally for every position declared vacant i.e., achieving a 80% internal resourcing approach to filling vacancies.
o Ensuring the retention rate of employees is not below 95% within 12months of operations

  • Oversee the Training & Development function in collaboration with the Operational Excellence manager (only for Technical Training requirements)
  • Administers and monitors performance review program to ensure effectiveness, compliance and equity within organization and revises as necessary

Policy Development/Change management

  • Responsible for advising management on external regulatory and labor requirements for the businesses as required.
  • Develops, recommends and implements personnel policies and procedures for the division
  • Guide the COO on dispute resolution, regulatory compliance and litigation avoidance requirements for the company
  • Directly manage the disciplinary and grievance issues in the company
  • Provide regularly, a human resources information system for the company covering areas as follows;

o Headcounts
o Manhours contribution
o Revenue per manhour
o Labor Cost ratios, etc.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Manage an error – free salary administration activities that relate to the ensuring all allowances and deductions are paid promptly.
  • Establish a competitive compensation plan that stimulates competitive performance across the entire workforce
  • Establish an incentive/bonus program for the employees within the advised budget and aimed at the defined performance objectives of the businesses.
  • Responsible for designing Job profiles and ensure they are properly evaluated to match the already designed reward scheme

Ensure that Subordinates are suitably motivated by providing them with:

o a sense of achievement,
o responsibility for decision making and
o recognition of achievement
o Directly responsible for the development of direct reports, support in competence and career management

Key Measurement/Result Areas (covering all perspectives of the FC Balanced Scorecard):
Financial Perspective

1. Manage the employees ‘total Cost to Company’ within the stipulated/agreed budget
2. Manage the cost of hiring within the stipulated/agreed budget
3. Manage the revenue per man-hour

Customers’ Perspective

1. Effectiveness of HR Processes to achieve the desired objectives
2. Ensure high retention of staff at agreed target

Learning and Development Perspective

1. Achieve the minimum training hours per staff (per year) as agreed at beginning of financial year
2. Achieve the % of high – flyers in the business
3. Achievement of Production Capacity across bakeries (people perspective)
4. Team Development and Management

Internal Processes Perspective

1. Meantime to deliver projects and HR activities
2. Compliance with regulatory stipulations
3. No. of disciplinary incidents in the company
4. Enforcement of company policy across the Business unit as measured through number & frequency of breaches

Qualifications :    
Functional Competencies/Requirements:

1) Experienced in managing the Human Resources Department of over 100 employees
2) Familiar with the Food Industry Trends
3) Cost Management
4) Process Management, Knowledge and Application
5) Problem Solving & Analysis
6) Performance Management
7) Strong understanding of the country’s specific Labor laws

General Requirements/Skills:

1) Strong numeracy and analytical skills
2) High degree of communication skills, particularly attuned to working well with non-finance professionals
3) Good Oral and written Communication skills
4) Strong commercial awareness
5) Ability to maintain cooperative working relationships
6) Ability to deal with internal and external manpower resource in such a manner that ensures the optimum utilization of resources in the interest of business.
7) Ability to acquire sufficient technical knowledge to understand the company’s business and products.
8) Basic understanding of operations in the Food industry

Desired Personal Attributes:

1) Ability to remain impartial
2) Team Player
3) Proactive self-starter
4) Flexibility to adapt to a variety of work situations
5) Highly organized and significant ability to multi-task
6) Ability to cope with and work under pressure
7) The ability to manage and motivate a team
8) Used to working in fast moving environments providing accurate and timely information to a high standard

Educational Qualifications/Experience:

1) Minimum of university degree or equivalent
2) Between 5 – 8 years working experience in a HR function
3) Possession of a recognized HR professional certificate

Sales/Distribution Manager

Description :    

Job Objectives:

Responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities in assigned market. Staffs and directs a sales team and provides leadership towards the achievement of maximum profitability and growth in line with company vision and values. Establishes plans and strategies to expand the customer base in the marketing area and contributes to the development of training and educational programs for clients.

Key Responsibilities:
Revenue Generation

1. Liaise with Production Manager at all Butterfield Bakeries on meeting revenue target
2. Develops a business plan and strategy for the market that ensures attainment of company sales goals and profitability
3. Prepares action plans by sales team for effective search of sales leads and prospects
4. Initiates and coordinates development of action plans to penetrate new markets
5. Assist in the development and implementation of marketing plans needed
6. Control distribution expenses to meet budget guideline

Sales Growth

1. Analyze monthly Sales Trend and communicate to both top line and down line
2. Analyze market demand and product fluctuations on monthly basis
3. Collate, Analyze and Interpret weekly MIS Report provided by The Production Manager/Sales Officer
4. Design Policy on Product Distribution Plan
5. Develop and Execute Strategic Sales Plans
6. Prepares Action Plans by individuals as well as by team for effective search of sales leads and prospects
7. Initiates and coordinates development of action plans to penetrate new markets
8. Analyze weekly distribution route map and its cost effectiveness
9. Expand global sales and distribution route by 10% on monthly basis
10. Review on monthly basis performance of sales officer towards achieving business revenue target
11. Provides timely feedback to senior management regarding sales performance
12. Perform monthly market competitive analysis/market segmentation of the mass market products in the aggregate market

Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty/Feedback

1. Ensure product quality is maintained
2. Analyze customer data base on month by month basis- New customers, active and inactive customers
3. Ensure 100% customer retention
4. Organize quarterly Distributors’ Forum in the mass market division to ensure high level of Customer Satisfaction
5. Design a global customer complaint form for the business
6. Evaluates regularly, customer complaints and ensure their needs are met
7. Supports NPD


1. Ensure that ordering and receiving of product is done in accordance with Food Concepts Policy
2. Ensure product standardization of a single product across business locations
3. Ensure compliance with business plan and sales strategy for the market
4. Adheres to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes and ensure they are communicated and implemented within the group

Other Responsibilities

1. Review Performance of Sales Teams on monthly basis
2. Review Job Functions (along with Human Resources) of Sales Team when necessary
3. Develop and maintain a competent, enthusiastic and courteous team through training, supervision and delegation of responsibilities and follow-up on work assignment
4. Effective Distribution Vehicle Management

Qualifications :   
Functional Competencies/Requirements:

1) Positively Aggressive
2) Extensive Experience in Selling
3) Strong Understanding of Customer and Market Dynamics and Requirement
4) Extensive Experience in all Aspect of Customer Relationship Management
5) Proven Leadership and Ability to Drive Sales Team
6) Willingness to Travel and Work in A Global Team of Professionals
7) Effective communication/Presentation Skill
8) Inventory management
9) Performance Management
10) Comfortable with Microsoft Suite

General Management/supervisory Competencies/Requirements:

1) Planning, Scheduling & Coordinating Skill
2) High level of attention to sales details
3) Ability to Monitor Sales Team
4) Strong Problem Solving Skills
5) Excellent Inter-Personal Relationship
6) Self-Motivated and Solution-Oriented
7) Feedback and Guidance
8) Confidence and friendly disposition
9) Reliable and dedicated
10) Escalate issues when necessary

Educational Qualifications/Experience:

  • 1) Minimum of B.Sc./Higher National Diploma Qualification
  • 2) Minimum of 8 years Sales Management

Desired Personal Attribute:

1) Integrity
2) Positive hard worker
3) Empathetic and enthusiastic towards organizational goals
4) Target Oriented
5) Logical Mind
6) Team Player
7) Highly organized and significant ability to multi-task effectively
8) Work ethics and ability to work smart

Method of Application

Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward their CVs to [email protected] 

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