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SUNRISE Multimedia & Training Center is recruiting for the following job positions

Job Title:  Policy and Planning Manager
• To develop, implement and monitor strategic programs, policies, plans, processes, systems and procedure to achieve objectives, goals and meet work standards
• To help develop, administer, implement and participate in policy research and analysis To ensure and coordinate the implementing of practices and policies
• To establish activity and accountability measures
• To participate in and oversee the development of reports and policy documents
• To provide expert advice to board members and government officials on program, policy and legislative issues
• To represent the organization at conventions, seminars, public hearings, forums and in negotiations or discussions on policy issues
• To analyze information relevant to the organization’s activities
• To develop policies and provide advice to support their performance
• To coordinate policy formulation and review, including evaluation of policy options
• To oversee the implementation of policies
• To liaise with national, state and local governments, as well as peak bodies and professional organizations
• To provide briefings on policy issues to high-level stakeholders such as government ministers or board members
• To prepare discussion papers on policy options
• To Develop strategies for implementing activity and creating accountability
• To direct and assist in developing policy documents and reports
• To facilitate negotiations on behalf of the organisation, as well as at events and seminars to discourse about policy issues
• To implement and oversee policy research and analysis programs
• To implement policies and practices, assigning employees to associated tasks
• To Serve as a reference and expert in the field on policy, program and legislative matters, working with government officials and stakeholders
• To Work with other Managers and Board Members to outline goals and objectives and develop strategic plans, programs and policies to meet those objectives

Qualifications / Requirements: 
• Bachelor of Arts – Public Policy Bachelor of Business – Management
• Relevant work experience gained in any commercial area that requires contact with customers or the general public including retailing, sales and marketing can be beneficial.
• Experience of canvassing or market research interviewing is particularly useful.
• Commercial awareness
• Interested candidates should have a strong sales background and desire to please the customer.
• Excellent analytical skills
• Organisational skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Numerical skills
• Verbal communication skills

Job Title:  Market Research Analyst
• To help identify what people do, think, buy or believe and why so as to new product, assessing customer preferences, evaluating competition and monitoring staff or customer satisfaction.
• consulting clients about project requirements and objectives
• designing research methods such as interviews and questionnaires
• carrying out qualitative or quantitative research
• agreeing timescales and budgets
• supervising staff and monitoring work progress
• writing reports, including client recommendations
• meeting and liaising with clients to negotiate and agree research projects;
• preparing briefs and commissioning research;
• formulating a plan/proposal and presenting it to the client or senior management;
• writing and managing the distribution of surveys and questionnaires;
• briefing interviewers and researchers;
• liaising with and managing survey staff;
•Develop strategies for obtaining research data, such as surveys, opinion polls, interviews or questionnaires
• Measure the effectiveness of current marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies
• Oversee the work of market surveyors
• Analyze the sales, marketing and distribution methods of competitors
• Conduct research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies
• Collaborate with marketing professionals, statisticians, pollsters, and other professionals
• Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand Undertaking ethnographic research (observing people in their homes and other environments);
• conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys, which may involve field, interview or focus group assessments;
• Using statistical software to manage and organize information.
• monitoring the progress of research projects;
• analyzing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions, including surveys and focus group transcripts.
• Writing detailed reports and presenting results.
• Advising clients/senior management on how to best use research findings.
• Analyzing, translating and presenting results
• advising clients on how they can best make use of results

Qualifications /Requirements: 
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, market research computer science, statistical, economics or a related field.
• Attention to detail
• A keen interest in analyzing data
• The ability to think critically
• The ability to work alone, with a team goal in mind
• Must enjoy coordinating information and consulting with others
• Must have excellent communication abilities and presentation skills

How to Apply
interested candidates should forward cv to [email protected]

Application Deadline:  13/3/2016

Qualified candidates will be contacted

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