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The Nobeah Foundation is the not-for-profit counterpart of Nobeah Technologies Ltd., a technology company focusing on technology with deep potential for social impact as well as the strong growth prospects required for sustainability. The innovative technology developed by Nobeah Technologies Ltd. targets transformative change, aiming to dramatically impact areas such as literacy, and health care. But in addition to these immediate potential impacts, Nobeah’s core values are to seek deeply insightful solutions that reach the heart of social challenges, changing the very equations so that they solve themselves in a sustainable way. The Nobeah Foundation was created to distribute technologies from Nobeah Technologies Ltd. on a subsidized or free basis where those technologies could have dramatic impact.

Across Africa the Nobeah Foundation will raise money from both local and international donors to sponsor free distribution of the technologies from Nobeah. Through these activities the foundation will achieve its goal of supporting insightful game-changing innovations that impact the very equations of human suffering and limited opportunity so solutions emerge organically, then building capacity for the solutions to sustain themselves and provide a solid platform on which further innovations may find anchor.

Some of the areas relevant to this position in which Nobeah Foundation is researching solutions are below.

· At-Risk Childrens Database – an innovative solution for tracking at-risk children to ensure they receive the services they could benefit from.

· Internet Caching Solution – stores (caches) internet content offline so that children in schools without any internet connectivity can still enjoy a rich educational browsing experience.

· Nobeah Distributed Discrete Work Management Methodology (DDWMM) – the DDWMM is Nobeah’s signature methodology and is key to Nobeah’s business operations. It is also in itself a potentially powerful force in job creation.

· Women and Girls Technology Mentoring – Nobeah already has agreements for large internship programs signed with various universities in Nairobi. This mentoring program will solicit donor funds to bring more young women into those programs with a focus on giving mentorship for the technology industry as a whole rather than on Nobeah’s specific needs.


Role: Volunteer Economic Research Coordinators (Intern) – multiple positions available at intern levels:

Job Title: Economic Research Programmes Intern

Compensation : This position is volunteer, but given a good mutual fit between the individual and the organization, the role may transition into a paid full-time or part-time role within 2-3 months.

Summary of Position:

The newly formed Nobeah Foundation is seeking a Volunteer Economic Research Programmes Intern for its Kenyan operations.

The Economic Research Programmes Coordinator/intern will get the opportunity to help in finding and developing partnerships with some of the leading economic research institutions in the world to do research related to Nobeah’s Distributed Discrete Work Management Methodology (DDWMM). The DDWMM is Nobeah’s signature methodology and is key to Nobeah’s operations. The DDWMM was initially conceived as a way to divide complex projects into simple work units that could be reliably and independently completed by workers with expertise in a single area and of even low to moderate skills and experience, and that could be overseen by a distributed team of project managers, and subject matter experts.

With the metrics captured by the DDWMM this role will work with research partners to investigate:

The relationship between compensation of any particular resource (including executives) to outcomes for individuals, teams, departments, and organizations.
Africa specific challenges to economic growth and job growth resulting from the inability to scale business processes.
The potential for development in Africa being spurred by use of the DDWMM to successfully take advantage of Africa’s huge labor surplus to fill the growing technology skills gap in the west.
The potential impact of methodologies like the DDWMM on Africa’s development.
Potential job creation programs that could be proposed using the DDWMM and potential sources of funding to implement those programs, as well as potential ways those programs could be privately funded or self-funded.

The detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to those below:

Researching specific areas as requested
Quantitative analysis of relationships between resource activities and organizational outcomes
Research, collect and compile information to frame research questions in alignment with the research mandates or interests of potential research partners.
Establish and update quantitative and qualitative economic, financial, or statistical databases
Process, consolidate, and transform data sets within and between databases using statistical and/or econometric techniques
Evaluate economic, financial or statistical relationships in databases
Analyze economic time series data
Assist in defining requirements for interfaces or to transfer data between external and in-house databases


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics, mathematics, finance, or computer science.
Work experience in a similar capacity preferred.
Knowledge of statistical and econometrics techniques and microeconomic relationships is preferred.
Graphics presentation skills
Interest in global financial markets, financial regulation, and economic policy preferred.
Strong research, proofreading, and editing skills
Strong organizational, planning and multitasking skills with high attention to detail
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excellent computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, and internet research
Strong comfort with quantitative data. Ability to perform econometric and statistical analysis preferred.
Must have a computer and readily available internet access.
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills – including compelling, energetic presentations; attention to detail and high degree of personal organization; ability to manage a fast-paced heavy work load.
Ability to work both independently and with others in a team approach;
Knowledge of computers and Microsoft Word, Excel.
Candidates must have excellent verbal communication, and written communication.
Candidate must have a positive and energetic attitude, and strong desire to meet goals and commitments.

These positions require between 5-40 hours a week, M-F from 9-4:30pm. The positions are flexible to accommodate up to 100% remote work. Computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office is very helpful.


Though all work will be remote, the candidate should be located in the country, should speak at least one local language, and have a network of contacts in the country in order to fulfill work permit and other requirements.
Recruitment will take place in two phases. In the first phase concluding by September, the first group of candidates will be selected. In the second phase concluding November, the second group of candidates will be selected. Candidates found not eligible for the first group are welcome to reapply for the second group if any elements of your qualifications or experience have changed.

How To Apply

To apply for this position send an email to [email protected] with your resume attached and with the subject line: “Re: Application for Economic Research Programmes Intern”. Please ensure your name and other contact details are both in your resume and in the email itself.

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