How your lack of job experience is hindering your getting a job and how to fix it

Work experience is paramount for every job seeking graduate. The Nigerian job market is a very competitive place and one of the things that can boost your chances in your search is your wealth of job experience. More often than not job adverts come with a certain amount of work experience attached to it.

Some graduates do not have work experience but still apply for jobs; most times they get it other times they don’t one of the things that can hinder you from getting the job. No matter how little the experience is make sure you stress it; your achievements, your roles and your accomplishments.

In Nigeria, having work experience is a sure step in getting a job.

If you do not have work experience there are several ways you can fix that:

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering helps you in many ways. You might think that volunteer experience does not count as work experience, but as a matter of fact it does. It helps you in so many ways in terms of boosting your CV, it helps you acquire new skills, boosts your social networking skills. When choosing a volunteer job it is necessary to take into consideration the skills you want to learn/ enhance.


  1. When writing your CV you should try selling your skills, since you do not have a lot experience. Instead of just listing your skills as is usually advised, you could highlight your skills. For example

Problem solving – (Give examples) Cite situations where you have come across challenges and how you overcame them, make sure you highlight your strengths.

  1. Engage in activities that boost your skill

As earlier highlighted with work experience you can try selling your skills, but without the proper skills required in the Nigerian job market, you have nothing to sell. The basic skill you require as a graduate in the job market range from problem solving skills to analytical skills, I.T skills, marketing skills, numeracy skills, communication skills and many others.

It is beneficial to you as a graduate without experience to engage in activities that can boost your skills.

  1. Start a business

As a graduate you do not necessarily have to look for a job or volunteer before you get job experience. You can create your own job experience. Starting a business is a good way to gain experience, it helps you get the experience firsthand, it exposes you to the workings of a business world. It expands your knowledge of the market.

The great thing about this is that when you apply for a job with your own experience in business on your CV, it gives you an edge over other candidates. Also in interview situations it gives more to say, it makes you much more confident in your skills, in the knowledge that you have and the wealth of experience that you have gained. Your potential employers will be impressed by your business acumen.

If after you land the job you want to quit the business, you can.

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