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Job Title: Health Maintenance Officer
Location: Lagos, NIGERIA

Job Type: Full Time
Experience:  Minimum of 2 years

Job Description:

  • Ensure provision of excellent customer service.
  • To ensure waste reduction at all operating service point. This includes waste of time and resources
  • Ensures accurate registration process for new and existing clients
  • Co-ordinates Scheduling of  appointments according to established procedures
  • Ensures  reminder calls are made to clients in respect of their appointments
  • Ensures continuous training programs that will adequately develop and equip staff to function efficiently and provide necessary support in area of Health Maintenance Organizations.
  • Analyzing statistics or other data to determine the level of customer service the hospital is providing most especially as it concerns HMO’s.
  • Handling customer complaints or any major incidents, investigating and solving customers’ problems and referring as appropriate when need be.
  • Liaison officer between the HMO’s and NHIS on issues related to the enrollees
  • Liaison officer between the HMO’s and the hospital on issues related to the enrollees
  • Ensure that fee for service bills are sent out to the HMO, Retainers as at when due.
  • Ensure that only identified enrollees’ access care.
  • Ensure that treatment coverage is limited to the guidelines
  • Ensure that only well-defined referral qualifies enrollees to access care. All ambiguous referrals must be disqualified.
  • Ensures that referrals emanating from the hospital requesting for secondary management are sent out as and when due.
  • Ensures that referral approvals with details of the extent of care approved are communicated as appropriate to the necessary unit to provide such care.
  • Ensure that Doctors and other members of the healthcare team are well informed on the guidelines of managed healthcare and operate within its bounds.
  • Monitor prescriptions for investigations and drugs of MHC patients and prepares statistical analysis of these to serve as an audit tool in ensuring prescribers understand the operations of the scheme.
  • Ensures that doctors limit secondary care management to what is approved.
  • Ensures that approvals are in line with the guidelines.
  • Monitoring and ensuring payment of capitation when due.
  • Liaises with corporate relations and accounts units to ensure that clients that have exceeded their credit limits are barred from accessing care.
  • Ensure all patients on admission meet up with the admission requirement as indicated in the company’s agreement.
  • Ensure referrals are raised and approval is gotten for all managed healthcare secondary care cases on admission
  • Ensure that the Hospital software is at time working and collate reports for Management

Minimum Qualification:
A first degree
Knowledge & Skills:

  •         Must have a scientific aptitude and detail oriented
  •         Be able to get and analyze information
  •         Ability to make good decisions and solve medical related issues
  •         Strong communication skills
  •         Expert in  Judging the Qualities of Things, Services, or People
  •         Multi-Tasking and Prioritizing
  •         Good organizational and Managerial skills
  •         Up-to-date with current issues in the medical field
  •         Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  •         Be able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  •         Assisting and caring for others

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply

Closing Date:  2016-01-26

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