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Company Profile

Novum Agric Industries, is a rapidly growing, integrated agriculture and agric-processing company with it primary focus on the manufacture and distribution of the high quality, high performance feeds for poultry and fish. To ensure that our goals of supporting the success of every poultry and fish farmer are achieved through the use of our high quality feeds, we have integrated into our operations, complementary factories for the processing of soybeans and manufacture of high qualitymaize meal for human consumption. With the clear understanding that quality inputs form the basis for quality feeds, we additionally have a commercial farm for the cultivation of our core inputs being maize and soybeans.

Job Title:  General Manager Operations (Feed Mill)

Job description
The General Manager of milling operations position will require a very strong candidate that has high top level management experience in companies with a turnover in excess of US$50 million, will be highly driven and efficiency focused. The position will report to managing director and will be responsible for overseeing all milling operations of the company, including the poultry feed factory, the fish feed factory, the oil mill and the maize meal factory as well as all supporting departments. It
is expected that the GM will have a background in nutrition or accountancy.Job Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Overall day to day management of commercial feed mill, fish feed mill, soybean oil mill and maize meal factory
  • Operations planning and implementation
  • Involved and contribute in strategic planning for operational expansions
  • Budget development and overseeing implementation and monitoring through the accounts department
  • Through the maintenance manager, reviews current or establishes, implements and monitors new preventative maintenance program
  • Ensures the use of approved maintenance management systems to track costs and failure rates.
  • Reviewing and maintaining effective inventory control system from inputs through to finished products
  • Implementing training programs for employee development and ensuring adequate back-up of personal for key positions.
  • Oversee marketing department, procurement and input warehousing department, finished product and dispatch, financial management, administration and maintenance
  • Ensures constant monitoring of production efficiencies in the all factories and strives to achieve optimal operating performance and minimal down time
  • Develops, revises and improves standard operational and working practices and observes workers to ensure compliance with standards
  • Ensure proper emphasis to product quality and review/develop quality assurance sampling procedures
  • Ensures consistent and high levels of customer experience through the management of production, from input receipt and quality analysis to output presentation and delivery and after sales support.

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