Ericsson Innovator Awards 2015

The Ericsson AHUB at AfricaCom proudly hosts the 2015 Ericsson Innovator Awards Sub-Saharan Africa.These awards recognise those trail blazing individuals who use technology to empower communities and individuals, all the while working towards the goal of a fully networked society.

The Ericsson AHUB at AfricaCom 2015 is a space dedicated to showcasing the most important innovations in Africa’s technology industry. This year’s speakers will address issues affecting all business leaders in the African telecommunications industry such as business growth, the use of disruptive technology & methods of sustaining profitability.

These awards foster new sources of talent through rewarding outstanding ideas. They recognise innovators who use technology to transform people’s lives and communities. By competing in these awards, innovators grow their networks as well as their reputations and will get start-up support and guidance from leading African business people.

The theme of the 2015 Ericsson Innovation Awards Sub-Saharan Africa isImproving Life in the City.

  • Are you are an innovator with the smarts, drive and dedication to improve the future of city life?
  • Submit your entry to the 2015 Ericsson Innovation Awards Sub-Saharan Africa today to stand a chance to win a R150 000 cash prize, mobile devices and travel tickets


  • $USD10,000
  • $USD 2, 000 + Android Tablet/Phones
  • $USD 1,500 + Android Tablet/Phones

Selection Criteria:
Entries will be selected and judged based on the following criteria

  • Does the innovation address the theme of the competition well?
  • Does the innovation solve a problem in an innovative way?
  • Potential revenue or cost reduction for the customer purchasing the innovation. The business case should verify these numbers.
  • How easy it is to develop and how fast it can go to market, explained in a constructive and concise manner.
  • Does the innovation address impact in a sustainable way and in social responsibility areas?
  • How well can the innovation be deployed in different markets and different user segments (consumer and/or companies)?
  • How global or local is the innovation, does it solve a problem or improve a situation on a small or large scale?
How easy it is for the potential customers to deploy it? Taking into account
    • Time
    • Change of behavior
    • Money
  • What are the benefits of the innovation, e.g. user or efficiency benefits?
  • What impact does the innovation have?

For More Information:
Visit the Official Webpage of the Ericsson Innovation Awards Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Those entrants chosen as semi-finalists will present their innovation to an Ericsson and external jury.
  • The final judging will take place on 18 November at the Cape Town Convention Centre at 17:00
  • The closing date for entries is 30 October 2015

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