Country Manager Job Vacancy At CitizenGO

Company Description

CitizenGO (cGO), a non-profit Foundation, is seeking a Campaigner – Country Manager, Nigeria to join our global leadership team and provide strategic oversight and management to our fast-growing Nigerian community of active citizens.

The impact you can make in this role is transformational: your mission will be to empower millions of citizens to create positive social change, while growing cGO into the premier organization in the field of conservative online activism.

From a Christian concept of society, we affirm the dignity and importance of values such as freedom, justice, and solidarity.

We want to contribute to build a better society and to promote human dignity. That´s why we work on the following fields: Life, Family, Education, Human Rights, Religious Freedom and citizens encourage participation to achieve results.

Job Description

The Nigerian Campaigner – Country Manager, will be our representative in Nigeria. CitizenGO has not established a Nigerian physical office space, so the ideal candidate will work remotely with the Campaigns Leadership team to assist with developing rapid-response campaigns to our audience in Nigeria. Campaigns will be developed through online activism and occasionally reinforced with field work.

Your responsibilities will include:

Activating and helping Nigerian citizens to become active citizens.

Helping like-minded organizations to reach their mission by using our state-of-the-art technology for winning campaigns, and thus acquiring new supporters for their cause.

Under supervision of the Campaigns Leadership team, Nigerian, managing — online and offline — campaigns to ensure outstanding performance and results.

Identifying promising grassroots campaigns started by activists or organizations in English. You’ll help these campaigns win by providing strategic advice, conducting media outreach, and promoting them to cGO members.

Designing and executing rapid-response social change advocacy campaigns in partnership with other stakeholders, partners and like-minded NGOs, with the potential for explosive growth and swift victories. This includes writing engaging campaign emails.

Increasing the number of members of the cGO Nigerians email list.

Establishing and maintaining deep partnerships with leading Nigerian NGOs. You’ll be a trusted advisor and useful ally, helping large and small organizations run campaigns on cGO.

Promoting and managing the distribution of the campaigns via emails with a call-to-action. Also, spreading the word about the campaigns via social networking.

Representing cGO before the media and politicians as a spokesperson. Attending conferences and networking events and delivering small presentations related to cGO and the campaigns we organize and promote.

Taking the streets, mobilizing people. Generating change. Organizing events, demonstrations, performances.

Recruiting, training, and managing a team of online and offline volunteers, the field organizers and campaigners who support cGO campaigns and activities.

Sharing the responsibility of managing communications with all cGO members by responding to email inquiries to cGO about campaigns, donations, and other related inquiries.

Assisting in the developing a close relationship of our Nigerian members and donors: asking them to sign new petitions, inform about your local activities… Being the focal-point regarding our Nigerian donors.

Collaborating with the fundraising team to develop fundraising campaigns designed to our Nigerian audience.

Proofreading English language campaigns, administrative documents, and other related materials.

Collaborating with a global team of campaigners to help shape the direction of cGO both locally and internationally.

Analyzing the cGO reputational risks in a diverse set of global markets and executing various initiatives to mitigate those risks.

Strategizing with the cGO team about how to continue to expand our effectiveness, reach and impact.

Other related tasks.


The ideal candidate should have the following core competencies:

A deep understanding of cGO Foundation Vision, Mission, and Objectives, which includes having a strong commitment to defend these values.

Commitment to our Mission of empowering citizens to win campaigns on the critical issues of our times. You believe citizens can stop injustice, can stop the culture of death and gender ideology-inspired totalitarianism and can change the world.

Exceptional writing and verbal communication skills in English, able to craft compelling and persuasive written communications for a general audience.

You should enjoy working in an online environment, using social media and collaborating using online tools.

Strong leadership and persuasiveness skills. You’ll be able to inspire citizens to understand the possibilities of citizen-powered change to promote life, family and freedom.

The ability to build and manage a small team of volunteers, bringing out the best in them.

Impact-driven. You’ll work outside your comfort zone to do what it takes to win campaigns.

A track record of good judgment. You’re able to make sound decisions in fast-moving situations.

Strong rapport-building and relationship skills. You can effectively build and maintain partnerships and be a trusted ally among social change campaigners.

Initiative and a can-do attitude across a variety of campaign issue areas.

Able to identify and seize opportunities quickly. Campaigning is very moment-driven, so you’ll be comfortable working in an agile and fast-paced environment.

High-level strategic thinker, with a strong grasp of national and international politics and social power. You understand the political and corporate pressure points in the world and current life and family issues at play.

Using your talent, you will influence the decisions of politicians and businessman, and put pressure on mass media to make citizen’s opinion heard.

cGO is an exceptionally fast-paced and collaborative work environment. Your co-workers are high-impact, low-ego, and have a deep respect for our members.

Normally, Campaigners – Country Managers will have relevant experience in advocacy, media or government – but if you make up for lack of experience with passion and a willingness to learn quickly, you should still apply.

You will be a recognized social change leader with a proven track record of scaling and managing teams, and the ability to inspire other leaders to achieve world-class outcomes.

3-5 years of relevant experience is preferred (but not required), a strong management and leadership background and a demonstrable passion for cGO’s Mission and Vision is essential. Regardless of experience, we are looking for a passionate, hard-working and organized self-starter who wants to be part of a fast-moving and ambitious organization working for social change.

You may come from a variety of different backgrounds, but experience in the nonprofit, advocacy, social enterprise and/or tech sectors are strongly desired.

Successful candidates are also likely to have some or all of the following competences: a deep understanding of social change, campaign strategy, power mapping and advocacy, policy analysis, communications, network-building, online campaigning, organizational development, remote and cross-cultural management, and business strategy.

To be based in Abuja is not mandatory. The role will involve some (light) travel.

Additional Information

You’ll be an independent contractor. You’ll get paid on a freelance basis for each campaign you launch. Campaign deliverables will be the online campaign and the email with the call-to-action.

Compensation is competitive, and our organizational culture is results oriented.

A very attractive incentive plan is in place: as many members you help reach, better compensation… Don’t worry to penalize cGO finances because of your great achievements; in fact we encourage you to cause cash-flow problems by achieving ambitious member-building objectives.


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