Clinical Psychologist at Medecins Sans Frontieres

Medecins Sans Frontieres is a private, international organisation. The organisation is made up mainly of doctors and health sector workers and is also open to all other professions which might help in achieving its aims. Médecins Sans Frontières provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict.

We are recruiting to fill the positions below:



Job Title: Clinical Psychologist (Consultant)
: Abuja
Main Purpose

  • Provide clinical supervision through monthly collective and, if needed, individual sessions to Mental Health and SGBV teams to reinforce good practices and quality of care provided to victims of SGBV.

Job Description
Support the mental health and SGBV staff on:

  • Keeping an emotional distance from their patients by ventilating heavy stories
  • Understanding better patients’ needs through technical enlightenments on the issues tackled
  • Keeping an active thinking position
  • Discussion on specific cases to adapt work and attitude
  • Sharing tools and enhancing team work

Alert management, in respect of confidentiality if needed, and suggest solutions on:

  • Employee in danger/Beneficiaries in danger
  • Issues to be addressed


  • Degree in Clinical Psychology/Psychiatry
  • Must possess a valid registration with Recognized Licensing Body in Nigeria.


  • As Clinical psychologist
  • 5 years of experience as a clinical therapist.
  • Experience in providing collective/individual clinical supervision,
  • Experience in psycho-trauma and SGBV would be an asset.


  • Fluency in written and spoken English.


  • Flexibility and availability to discuss over the phone any emotional/technical
  • emergency.
  • Understanding of group dynamics.
  • Confidentiality.

Work Location:

  • In Abuja, and also to be discussed with the candidate.





Job Title: Medical Doctor for Emergency Team
: Abuja
Main Purpose

  • Contribute to increase MSF capacity to react timely to emergencies (disease outbreak, natural disaster and violence) in Nigeria, especially in the identify states
  • To achieve these objectives implement an internal monitoring/surveillance system, active networking at both federal and state levels with various actors (government, NGO, community etc)
  • Timely propose appropriate action plan for the emergency and formulate an implementation strategy
  • Provide medical support to the other MSF project in Nigeria
  • Provide outpatient and/or inpatient medical care to patients/beneficiaries according to adapted and updated medical knowledge, MSF protocols, values and universal hygiene standards to improve the patients/beneficiaries health conditions.
  • Provide best possible care before, during and after surgery in the OT in accordance with MSF protocols;

Job Description
Follow up of MSF emergencies activity (Disease surveillance, outbreak investigation and data collection) and the definition of objectives:

  • Collaborate in the development of a contact network with the State epidemiologists and DSNO at State level of epidemiology surveillance, others agencies involved in the surveillance (WHO/UNICEF….) or emergency preparedness and local communities; and on need basis with the FMOH
  • On continuous basis, do web-based updates and further research on the national politics and policy of surveillance and management of epidemics (meetings, reports, article)
  • Collect and compile epidemiological data (meetings, reports, articles), analyse and realize monthly, quarter and annual report proposed to Emergency team Coordinator:
  • Organize and analyze the epidemiology data, medical emergency reports and medical assessment.
  • Ensure a qualitative and comprehensive data and report archiving process
  • Implementing an internal surveillance system for Northern States of the country prone to seasonal epidemics, which includes collection of second-hand information -through formal and informal networking- and, when possible collection of first-hand information -field evaluation- so as to complement, verify or assess health situation
  • Following up on main indicators collected and making proposal accordingly
  • Perform regular monthly field visits to achieve the above objectives in collaboration with the coordination team and submit proposal to coordination team

Man-made and natural disaster ; response to violence; floods:

  • Participate in creation and/or update of a comprehensive health structure mapping on each structure level
  • on continuous basis do web-based updates and further research on the national politics and policy of surveillance and management of epidemics (meetings, reports, article)
  • Carry out exploratory missions to achieve the above objectives in collaboration with the coordination team and submit proposal to coordination team

Response proposal and activity implementation:

  • Based on the results of the investigations, propose an appropriate medical response to the Emergency team Coordinator/medical coordinator
  • Eventually be involved in the implementation of the response and the direct clinical management of patient
  • Support to other MSF Activities in Nigeria
  • More generally, the Emergency team doctor, can be involved in other tasks including:

Support to the projects:

  • Carrying out some medical activities and maintaining links with the fields and desk/technical department
  • Replace members of the field team if needed
  • Work in other MSF program in order to cumulate experience.
  • Apply medical knowledge and skills to diagnose and prevention. Carry out outpatient and inpatient consultations, prescribing the necessary treatment respecting MSF protocols

Pharmacy management – In collaboration with the country pharmacist:

  • Participate in stock inventory process
  • Prepare the medical boxes for the exploratory mission; Anticipate and report needs to the Coordinator
  • Get proficient with cold-chain management as per MSF standards; Responsible for cold-chain management on the field
  • Responsible for collecting and filing consumption and donation forms on the field

Requirements, Skills and Conditions

  • Medical Doctor Degree. Diploma in Tropical Medicine is a plus
  • NYSC Certificate or Discharge certificate.


  • 2 year experience minimum as a Medical Doctor or in clinical work (can be within medical training). Desirable in tropical medicine, or post-registration experience in Public Health, general practice, general medicine or minor surgery.


  • English Language essential. Hausa language desirable.


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel).

Work Location:

  • Abuja with 80% of working time on the field.


  • Unlimited contract duration starting as soon as possible.
  • Flexibility required.





Job Title: Finance Coordinator Assistant
: Abuja
Working hours: 48 Hours Per week
Grade Level: 7
Reports to (Hierarchical): Finance Coordinator
Reports to (Functional): Finance Coordinator
Job Family: HR & FIN
Main Purpose

  • Assisting the Finance Coordinator in the implementation and follow-up of the finance activities of the mission, while executing the accountancy and payment related tasks for the capital, according to MSF policies, standards and procedures in order to ensure documentary traceability as well as compliance with local labour and fiscal regulations.


  • Supporting the Finance Coordinator with delegated tasks to ensure proper management in the mission (budget, accounting, treasury, reporting, donors, auditing procedures, legal financial obligations, etc.) including the translation of documents and assisting in meetings upon request
  • Keeping updated on local laws and regulations and informing the FinCo of any changes or misalignment  with the practices in place.
  • Ensuring respect and strict compliance to MSF standards (chart of accounts, quality of documents, guidelines, expense validation procedures, cash security rules, etc.)
  • Carrying out delegated accounting tasks and activities for the capital, ensuring confidentiality on all finance issues related to MSF as well as the strict control of all expenditures and the reliability of statements and documentation.
  • Processing payments , ensuring that receipts and supporting documents meet the necessary quality standards.
  • Filing and/or scanning hard copies of documents, entering information in the accounting software and performing monthly closing procedures for the journals under his/her responsibility
  • Following up on rental/service contracts and insurances dates and informing the FinCo on time to organize payments and renewals.
  • When requested, replacing other members of the Finance/Accounting Manager or Project Administration Assistants during their absence


  • Desirable Finance, Business or Administration related diploma


  • Essential previous working experience of at least two years in rele-vant jobs.
  • Desirable experience in MSF or other NGOs in developing countries.


  • Mission language essential. Local language desirable.


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet).
  • Good working knowledge on MS Office.


  • Results and Quality Orientation L2
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L2
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2
  • Stress Management L3

As per the MSF salary scale (national contract).




How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CV’s, copies of diplomas, degrees, qualifications and a cover letter with contact details to: [email protected]

Applications can be submitted in person at:
The MSF Administration/Human Resources Office,
No. 20 Olu Bodo Street,
Port Harcourt,
Rivers State.
(“Application Box” at the Watchmen Desk)
The MSF Administration/Human Resources Office,
26 Olu Agabi Close,
Life Camp,
(“Application Box” at the Watchmen Desk)


  • Only successful applicants will be called for interview.
  • No monetary transactions, neither demands of favours in kind, nor other types of favouritism will be tolerated in the recruitment process.
  • MSF reserves the right to refuse hiring of a candidate having benefited from such acts. All illicit demands of these types may be pursued through the judicial system.




Application Deadline   13th December, 2017.




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