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To ensure the efficacy of the organisation’s Enterprise-wide Risk Management framework in identifying the Credit Market, Operational, Asset and Liability Management and Environmental and Social Risks inherent in the Bank’s business, and ensuring that these risks are effectively mitigated, managed and monitored, in a constantly changing business environment, in order to avoid losses.


  • Implement an enterprise wide risk management framework, which enables the organisation to effectively identify, mitigate, manage and monitor risks across all its businesses.
  • Design and document risk management policy processes and procedures in all key risk segments for approval by the Board Risk Management Committee, and ensure effective implementation.
  • Ensure Business Continuity in the event of serious operational risk event or disaster through design and implementation of the organisation’s approved Business Continuity Plan
  • Minimise losses through rigorous and timely identification of any deterioration in the risk profile of transactions, in order to ensure effective transaction restructuring and effective recovery of impaired assets.
  • Design and implement the organisation ‘s approved Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy: perform functions as the organisation ‘s designated Environmental and Social Risk Manager.
  • Work with Executive Management Committee (EXCO) colleagues in order to ensure the organisation’s international credit risk rating maintained or improved, the current financial year’s budget is achieved (including earnings targets) and that the periodic rolling plan is fulfilled.
  • Ensure that potential or actual risk management policy lapses or breaches are identified and that corrective action is taken in a timely fashion, and without loss.


  • Ensure effective investment and loan portfolio management through design and implementation of effective portfolio management processes and procedures, and for each of the Bank’s Strategic Sectors and Geographies.
  • Ensure diligent risk management on all existing and future investment credit and other exposures across all the organisation ‘s businesses.
  • Review all Early and Final Investment Memoranda generated by the business origination units for approval by Board risk Management Committee (the Board of Directors) or within delegated Management Authority in order to provide risk factor input and in order to document all risk issues and concerns, and to sign off on Final Investment Memoranda if appropriate.
  • Work with Treasury and Finance Departments, in order to ensure appropriate risk management of the organisation’s asset and liabilities, Treasury Investment Portfolio and its Liquidity and Capital Adequacy.
  • Ensure that valuations of all the organisation ‘s equity investments are appropriate, and to make recommendations in respect of increased value or value impaired investments.
  • Work with the organisation ‘s Internal Audit in order to ensure that its internal control regime is robust and sufficient.
  • Ensure that the organisation ‘s Treasury and Risk Management IT platform is sufficiently robust to ensure effective risk management of Equity investments and Debt portfolio.
  • Effectively manage the restructuring of remedial credit exposures in order to minimise impairment provisions (and losses) and in order to maximise recoveries


  • Ensure generation of risk status reports in market credit and operational risk segments, on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis, as appropriate.
  • Research and report global or local business trends that may adversely affect the conduct of the Bank’s business.


  • As Chief Risk Officer, ensure that the organisation is in full compliance with international and local Law and Regulation concerning Anti Money Laundering (AML), Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC), Know Your Customer (KYC) and other compliance requirements or regulations relevant to the organisation ‘s business.
  • Work with the organisation’s General Counsel in order to ensure that risk to THE ORGANISATION’s reputation is avoided, mitigated or managed.
  • Design and document Compliance policies, processes and procedures in all key risk segments for approval by the Board Audit Committee and ensure effective implementation.


  • Chair the Risk Management Committee and provide regular reports to the Executive Committee (EXCO) on risk events and risk related issues.
  • Chair the Valuations and Provisions Committee in preparing recommendations concerning Fair Value adjustments in respect of the Bank’s equity investments for EXCO’s review and recommendation to Board Risk Committee for approval.
  • Provide business leads to business origination units.
  • Vice Chair the organisation ‘s Procurement Committee, in order to ensure adherence to its procurement policies, processes and procedures.


  • Effectively lead and supervise the Risk Management unit.
  • Embed a strong compliance and risk management culture within the Bank through design, implementation and supervision (together with Human Resources) of internal risk and compliance related training and development plans.


  • First (BA/BSc) and Second Degree (MBA or MA/MSc).
  • Minimum 18 years’ banking experience
  • Deep awareness and understanding of risk management issues in the Merchant Banking /financial industry.
  • Knowledge of international risk management benchmarking (Basel 2 and 3) and international best practice.

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