Business Operations Support Analyst Job Vacancy At VISA Inc.

Job Title: Business Operations Support Analyst, Nigeria

Location: Lagos



1. Assists the Country BOM Director to advise on policies and procedures

•Coordinate with Regional BOM and policy owners to schedule training sessions.

•Customize training materials to ensure relevance to local operations.

•Collaborates with Regional BOM and Controllership to monitor deviations from policies and procedures; remediate operational risk and compliance-related issues promptly.

•Support and administer compliance-related training initiatives and programs.

2. Project management

•Serve as cross-functional coordinator on VIK and other projects (including coordination with the regional Hub).

•Ensure VIK projects meet established compliance requirements, such as purchase, storage and delivery of prizes.

•Ensure that use of third party to deliver VIK goods or services is from a pre-cleared list, approved by Sourcing, Compliance and Legal.

•Ensure business partner’s written acknowledgement of VIK goods or services is collected timely and stored in a central repository.

•Provides oversight to ensure the Country POC teams are properly managing gifts, donations or corporate events in accordance with policy and procedures; ensures strong inventory and deliver of gifts/goods.

3. Supplier management

•Support the Sales and other functions in fulfilling third party purchase requisition and supplier risk assessment (SIRA) procedures.

•Coordinates with Sourcing to ensure the upfront payments are limited to only have proper justifications for advance payments.

•Review supporting documentation for services and goods provided by sub-contractors to ensure pass thru cost was in accordance with contract terms.

•Coordinate with Sourcing to leverage different suppliers to satisfy different business partner requirements.




• Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field

• In-depth understanding of product portfolio P&L including cost and revenue drivers, portfolio management basics, customer segmentation and product development.

• Advanced client contact, engagement and communication skills. Comfortable interacting with and presenting to senior management of clients and Visa.

• High level of personal integrity, loyalty and ability to keep confidential information in secret is required as the candidate will have access to sensitive and confidential client information


• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

• Excellent presentation skills

• Fluency in English and superior verbal and written communication skills

• Good project management skills


• Extensive sales and industry experience and expertise

• Prior experience in promoting Premium card products

• Proven sales management experience

• Ability to travel in the GCC to places such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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