Avoiding Online Scams & Fake Employers in Nigeria

Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria (23.9% of Nigerian population) especially among the youths (70% of 23.9%), it is of little wonder that every one is desperate for a job.

Every year thousands of graduates are released into the Nigerian labour market and there is a limited number of job opportunities available to these graduates.

As they say “When life throws you lemons make lemonade”. Some people have decided to make lemonade out of Nigerian graduates who do not have jobs. These people are called SCAMMERS! They come in the guise of multinational corporations who would want to hire you but require a token first.

Just recently a young man was caught posing as a TV presenter that was recruiting for TVC, he collected money from the candidates and promised them jobs that came with huge salaries and benefit packages. He was able to make quite some amount for himself before he got caught.

Most graduates might have had this experience already but in case you have not here are some ways to identify them and avoid them altogether.

How to identify online scammers and fake employers.

  1. They have no online or offline address.

Many graduates are signed on to job boards through which they apply for jobs online. Before you apply for a job online it is always best to check out the company online. Google is your friend. There is no company today that does not have an online presence. Check for a website, find out the address of the company. If after searching you do not find a site, SCAM ALERT! Even when you find a site and there seems to be no known address, SCAM ALERT!

  1. The title of the job advert.

Most times, the title of the job avert gives it away. Job adverts that have titles with just graduate trainee, management trainee, customer care, graduate admin officer, marketing executive e.t.c. Not all jobs with these titles are fake but more often than not legit companies usually put their names after the title e.g.

Graduate Trainee at Access Bank.

Sales Executive at Nigerian Breweries.

  1. Ask questions before attending any interview.

After applying, and you might get a message telling you to come for an interview. Before going for that interview make sure you ask questions. If possible go to the venue of the interview a day before and ask questions, try to ascertain if the company is a legit one or not.

  1. Requests for money before getting the job.

All graduates should note that no legit Nigerian company would ask you to pay any amount of money before giving you a job. If during the process of applying for a job and getting an interview you are asked to bring some amount of money you should be wary as it is a scam.

  1. Interviews scheduled outside the office.

Most times fake employers schedule interviews in neutral places because they do not have office spaces.

Legit Nigerian companies always have interviews at their head offices or one of their branches.

When invited for an interview always be sure to check out the venue.

How to avoid online scammers and fake employers

  1. Always ask questions

Never be too secretive when you get a job offer, always be sure to ask around about the job and the company. As earlier suggested you can take out time to check the address of the company.

  1. Conduct a background research

Before applying for any job or going for interview you should conduct a research on the company, try to find out their missions, visions, core values e.t.c if you find little or no information about the company it’s probably a scam.

  1. Apply through registered recruitment agencies

Many Nigerian graduates join any and all jobs boards they can find out of desperation. Joining a job board is not a bad thing. The key is to find out the notable ones that have good reviews and sign up there instead of joining any available one. This will help you limit your exposure to scam.


Here is a list of companies that have been flagged as scam.

  1. Sub Saharan Africa Climate Fund
  2. Minerva Oil & Gas Refining Company
  3. CEO Resource Nigeria Limited
  4. Ingnitlyte Limited Company
  5. O’neal Incorporated
  6. Globaldrill Bay Oil & Gas Limited
  7. Virtual Human Resources Limited
  8. Zeolite Plus
  9. Medpro Global resources
  10. Virginland Careers.

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