Animation Production for CDGP IEC Materials Consultancy Job at Save the Children

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children. We work in 120 countries. Save the Children saves children’s lives; we fight for their rights; we help them fulfil their potential.

Job Title:  Animation Production for CDGP IEC Materials Consultant
Job Description
CDGP Nigeria (Save the Children) is seeking the services of a professional animator with experience in developing animation for low literacy audience. The animator will support the programme to design IECs in the context of Northern Nigeria for its various outputs. The animation will be coloured pictures to help communicate key programme messages to the beneficiaries
Under the supervision of the Nutrition Coordinator, the animator will be required to;
  • To produce high quality images conveying messages as they will be easily interpreted and understood by the beneficiaries;
  • Support programme to pre-test the IECs in the programme communities;
  • Modify the animation based on feedback received from the pre-test
Skills, experience and qualifications required
  • Five years progressive experience as an animator
  • Experience developing animation for development related agencies and projects
  • Previous experience of working with SCI or any national and international NGOs.
  • Availability and willingness to travel to Zamfara and Jigawa states; cognate field experience is required.
  • Ability to work in close coordination with other team members.
Assignment Duration:
The assignment will cover 15 working days.
Expected Outputs 
The expected outputs will be:
  • Hard copy collection of animation pictures based on specific messages provided by the programme to the animator
  • Soft copy of the collection above
The successful candidate will administratively be under the overall supervision and report directly to the Nutrition Coordinator, and work collaboratively with the CDGP State project team in Jigawa and Zamfara states to deliver the assignment.
Intellectual Property
All information pertaining to this project (documentary, digital, cyber, project documents, etc) belonging to CDGP, which the consultant may come into contact with in the performance of his/her, duties under this assignment shall remain the property of CDGP who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of SCI/CDGP in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable.
Contractual arrangements and supervision
The Consultant (s) will be hired under SCI terms of contract and managed by solely for the purpose of delivering the above outputs.
SCI/CDGP Country Office shall provide necessary support to the consultant in order to execute the assignment during the duration of the consultancy. These shall include:
  1. Access to relevant project documents necessary for execution of the duties under this consultancy;
  2. Provision of logistic arrangement to and within the project states.
Payment shall be made in three instalments of;
  • 20% upon submission of acceptable drafts; and
  • 80% Final payment upon submission of the final outputs, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from CDGP.
Application Procedure
Applicants are required to submit the following:
  • Personal CV highlighting past experience in similar projects; and
  • Work references – contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee (lump sum fee) and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment.

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