Andela Nigeria Fellow Spring Application 2016

Do you dream of building software that can change the world? Apply to join Andela!

What is Andela?

Andela is a 4-year, paid opportunity that allows you to master the craft of professional software development while working for leading technology companies around the globe. After the four years, Andela Fellows will go on to become technology entrepreneurs, technical leaders, senior software engineers and more

The Andela Fellowship Application Process

All applicants need to go through the Home Study curriculum to understand the very basics of software development. Applicants that read through our Home Study curriculum thoroughly have a better chance of getting into the Andela Fellowship than those who do not. So take your time to go through our Home Study Curriculum even if you have not made up your mind about applying.

Stage 1: Application Form

To apply to Andela, fill out the brief application form below. This should take you between 15 and 30 minutes.

Stage 2: Plum Testing and Home Study Curriculum
Once we receive your application, we will email you detailing next steps. The next step includes a personality test measuring problem-solving ability & aptitude, as well as the Home Study curriculum and test.

Stage 3: Interviews
Applicants that make it through the second stage are invited to interview at the Andela Campus.

Stage 4: Bootcamp
Successful applicants are invited to participate in a free, two-week Boot Camp led by senior developers hailing from some of the world’s top engineering schools. It’s one of the most rigorous training experiences in the world and you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming.

When it’s over, the highest-performing participants will receive job offers to join Andela full-time as Andela Fellows. If you accept, you’ll begin our paid software developer training program and receive 1000 plus hours of hands-on training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as other web and mobile software development skills.

For inquiries, please read the application FAQs (insert link) and Home Study FAQs (insert link). If you still have unanswered questions, please send an email to [email protected]

More About the Andela Fellowship
Andela is a new kind of academic experience. It’s sort of like a university, except instead of paying tuition, you earn a healthy income and benefits. Once you’re done with basic training and ready to advance, we place you as a member of a remote team with one of our partner companies around the globe within 6 months. You’ll get to apply your new knowledge to real work, while Andela provides you with ongoing professional development and coaching to ensure that you evolve with the industry and graduate with the maximum potential for long term success.

As an Andela Fellow, you are also eligible for continued training and employment with Andela for four years. . After the four year program, Andela Fellows can be expected to; start technology companies, work directly with client companies as employees or continue to help train software engineers as Andela.

Simply put, the Andela Fellowship is an unparalleled opportunity. But don’t take our word for it. “I’ve been in school for 24 years,” says ‘Solo’ Solomon, an Andela Fellow, “…but this was the most valuable and interactive two weeks of my life!”

Apply today and see if you have what it takes! Recruitment Calendar for 2016 Spring Cycle
Application to the Andela Fellowship are open all year round. The dates below apply for the 2016 Spring cycle

Application Deadline: March 25th
Interview Dates: April 25th – May 6th
Bootcamp: May 23rd – June 3rd

How to Apply
Interested candidates should Click Here to Apply

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