10 Nigerian Companies You Can Volunteer To Work For Right Now

As an unemployed undergraduate in Nigeria one of the ways to get busy in your unemployed state is to volunteer. A lot of emphasis has been placed on volunteering as it helps the undergraduate in various ways: It helps you boost your CV It helps you acquire new skills It helps you boost your social […]

How To Stay Active & Keep Smiling While You Are Unemployed

Unemployment is a situation that nobody wants to be in. It is difficult nowadays to get a job due to the receding economic situation. This situation is the cause of so many social vices that have increased the level of corruption in countries. What causes these people to go into these vices it is because […]

10 Mistakes Every Youth Corper Should Avoid

Being a youth corper is one of the highlights of the average Nigerian graduate, it is a time to experience freedom, have a little taste of living by yourself, taking responsibility and having the chance to actually work for the money entering your account at the end of the month. Despite the fact that it […]

5 Types Of Engineers and Their Differences

Engineering is one of the broadest fields in the world; this is mostly because it can be related to different fields. Engineering in itself is an applied science that uses the principles of mathematics and science to come up with practical ends. Engineers are the people that are responsible for the advancement and cultivation of […]

How To Get and Keep A Job That Pays Well

In our lives as Nigerians, we strive to get jobs that have attractive salary packages and benefits too. The thing is not everyone can get these jobs as they are limited. It is however not impossible to get these jobs and if pe adventure you get a job that pays well you have to realize […]

7 Habits Successful People Cultivate: How To Be The Next Dangote

Becoming successful is not an easy task, it requires determination, diligence, dedication and lots and lots of hard work. It is a popular saying that Rome was not built in a day, becoming successful requires a lot of dedication to whatever you are doing, success requires nurturing, like a plant it needs to be watered […]

How To Build A Career In Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is one of the biggest sectors in Nigeria; it constitutes about 80% of Nigeria’s export revenue. It is also one of the most coveted sectors to work in due to the attractive salary packages, allowances and benefits. Despite the current fall in oil prices, many still want a career in […]

10 Things You Should Never Say At a Job Interview

During job interviews all candidates want to impress the interviewer because they want to get the job. In a bid to do this they might end up saying things they should not say and this reduces their chances of getting the job. There are so many candidates for that job so even the slightest thing […]

3 Funny Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

Job interviews can be extremely serious and also extremely funny. More often than not candidates during interviews are nervous and a bit tense so I guess the interviewers use this medium to lighten the mood or further aggravate it. There are so many funny questions interviewers ask. Ever been to an interview and the hiring […]

10 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving Your Bedroom

A 9-5 job can be very boring especially for those who are not into white collar jobs. The introduction of the internet however has made working easier as you can work from the comfort of your home without leaving your bedroom. There are so many jobs that do not require the physical appearance of the […]

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