7 Habits Successful People Cultivate: How To Be The Next Dangote

Becoming successful is not an easy task, it requires determination, diligence, dedication and lots and lots of hard work. It is a popular saying that Rome was not built in a day, becoming successful requires a lot of dedication to whatever you are doing, success requires nurturing, like a plant it needs to be watered and fed every step of the way.

We look at the lives of successful entrepreneurs and business men and we crave the success that they have, but they did not get there by sitting on a couch and wishing to have the lives of other successful people. They put in work!

Every success story has its secrets; here are 7 habits successful people cultivate.

  1. Persistence

A successful individual has to cultivate the persistence trait. Persistence means to be firm and continuous in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition. Most entrepreneurs fail because they give easily when the going gets tough. Successful people remain focused on achieving their goals even in the face of uncertainty or instability. A very good example of this is Ladi Delano, 30 year old CEO of Bakrie Delano Africa. He started an alcoholic beverage company Solid XS which folded up during the economic meltdown, but he didn’t give up he started yet another company and today he is the owner of a $1 million company.

Persistence should not only be in your business life, it should also reflect in your personal life too.


  1. Set attainable goals

Successful individuals set SMART goals

S- Specific

M- Measurable


R- Relevant

T- Time Oriented

Successful people always set goals that they can achieve, it doesn’t pay to set an ambiguous goal and end up not achieving it.

An ambiguous goal sounds something like this

“I want to be a millionaire when I grow up”.

An attainable goal sounds like this

“I will make 100,000 every month by increasing my production capacity”.

The key to making your dreams come true is to set goals around those dreams, pursue those goals and achieve those goals.


  1. They have role models

Successful individuals have people they look up to in their quest for success. The key to finding the right mentor for you is to search for someone who is interested in your career or someone who has chosen the same path as you in your career aspirations.

Mentors help you avoid mistakes that they themselves made along the way, they inspire you and keep you motivated towards achieving your goals and they could connect you to one or two people who could help you out in your quest for success.


  1. They educate themselves

Learning is a continuous process; there are so many things that come up every day on the world, industries and sectors. As an individual that has success on your mind you have to keep yourself updated on everything that goes on that can affect your career. Besides that you can read non-fictional books on career development, business tips and techniques that are relevant to your career path. Reading is not just enough you should also learn to apply what you have learnt to your business or career.


  1. Track their progress

After setting your goals the next logical thing to do is to take steps to achieve them, along the line it is expedient that you check how you have fared so far, how far you have come from the starting point to where you are now, have you achieved anything worthwhile in the pursuit of your dream? These are questions you should ask yourself as you progress in your journey to success.


  1. Minimize distractions

There are so many distractions in the world today from social media to games to movies there is always something to pull your attention away from your career path. One of the effective ways to minimize distractions is to surround yourself with success oriented people. You should also have a to-do list that keeps you right on track.


  1. They are hard working

Hard work and constant practice are keys to success. Never ever leave your skills or practice to get rusty, always polish them, keep them up and running as you need these skills to get you where you need to be.

Every business/career needs to be properly taken care of; it needs to be well watered and nurtured so that it can produce success fruits. It is only through hard work you can achieve this.

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