How To Get and Keep A Job That Pays Well

In our lives as Nigerians, we strive to get jobs that have attractive salary packages and benefits too. The thing is not everyone can get these jobs as they are limited. It is however not impossible to get these jobs and if pe adventure you get a job that pays well you have to realize that it is never enough to just get a job that pays well, you have to put in extra effort to keep that job.

Here are some tips that can help you get a job that pays well and also keep it.

How To Get The Job

  1. Cross train

If you already have a job but you’re aiming for one with higher pay, it pays to cross train. Cross training means expanding your skill set, do not get comfortable with what you already know about your field, there is always more to learn. Use your present job as a platform for gaining more knowledge about your field and other related fields.

  1. Develop your other skills

Your other skills include your soft skills like verbal and non-verbal communication skills, ability to work on a team, ability to work under pressure, ability to adapt and others.

If you want to get that job that pays big bucks you have to develop these skills as they can be the key to getting it.

  1. Do not Job hop

Your ability to stay on a job for a long time shows your potential employees that you have the ability to stay dedicated to a company. Jumping from one job to another gives them a bad vibe, it shows them that you can be erratic, unstable, undecided.

Try your best to stick it out with that job for as long as you can.

  1. Network strategically

Most times when there are vacancies in companies that pay big bucks are filled through personal networking. A good way to get in the loop is to volunteer at associations in the industry. You could also use social networking platforms to showcase your expertise in your field.

  1. Research the company thoroughly before the interview

If you are privileged to get an interview with one of such companies make sure to research thoroughly into the company’s activities. Having a very good knowledge of their activities gives you an edge over other applicants. Talk to some employees of the company either past or present, find out what it takes to succeed, get a knowledge of the operations of the company and you will be sure to wow the interview panel. It shows that you are interested in working for the company, you’re not just there for the attractive salary.

How to keep the job

Now that you have gotten the a job that pays well you do not want to lose it in a short time. Here are some tips that can help you keep the job

  1. Understand your role and expectations.

As a new employee it is important that you properly understand your roles and what is expected of you by your employers. You might think that you are doing a great job but if your achievements don’t align with your employers expectations you are being detrimental to your progress.

If you are not clear on what you should be doing it is important that you ask questions.

  1. Be proactive

It helps to be one step ahead at all times. Think about things that need to be done and offer your services. Take care of problems that may arise before they do. Also try to be informed about what is going on in the organization so that you can seize the opportunity to show your skills.

  1. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from your boss can go a long way in enhancing your career. The feedback gotten can tell you if you are on the right part or on the wrong part. It gives you the opportunity to grow and improve yourself by learning from your mistakes. It also shows that you are a professional.

It also puts you in the good books of your employers. The next time there is a promotion, you might be considered because of your professionalism.

  1. Develop positive relationships

It is important that you develop positive relationships with your co-workers, employers and superiors. No man is an island. Growing relationships among people in the company keeps you in the loop of what is going on in the organization. One way to grow positive relationships is to keep your commitments. If you promise to deliver at a certain time, endeavor to keep to that time. Also, attending social events organized by the company is a step in that direction. This not only puts you in the good books of your employers, it makes you everyone’s favorite.

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