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Stanbic IBTC Bank is a leading African banking group focused on emerging markets globally. It has been a mainstay of South Africa’s financial system for 150 years, and now spans 16 countries across the African continent.

Job Title: Head, Personal Banking Credit Evaluation

Job Field

Position Description
To assist Personal Bank in achieving their asset growth targets by providing effective value adding risk management, whilst maintaining a quality-lending book, through judicious and effective management thereof.
The delivery of a professional service to the business units, by assessing and evaluating credit facilities new and existing based on sound credit & financial principles which supports the minimizing of risk to the bank.

Key Responsibilities 
Evaluates whether Personal Banking proposals meet sound business criteria and credit risk falls within acceptable parameters, approve and recommends appropriate credit facilities including terms or conditions of facilities.
Ensure accuracy and reliability of approvals within advised DA, or referrals to higher authority, on personal credit applications reviewed.
Identifies, quantifies and evaluates sources of risk in relation to profitability of business proposals and financial viability of Retail clients as a whole, interrogates/probes.
Utilizes Industry risk analysis available to identify and understand contextual threats to existing and potential clients.
Ensure timely and quality credit assessment and decision are made.
Manage adherence to the service level agreement that have been concluded.
Builds relationship with Branch Managers and Account Analysts to improve quality of business proposals and turnaround time on credit evaluations.
Detects and evaluate shifts or changes in key risk parameters and evaluate the implications of such changes on continued banking relationship.
Actioning of the daily referral report and make decisions to pay or not based on the reason for excess and source of adjustment, the terms of sanction in existence and the risk to which the Bank is exposed.
Issuing of sanction letters, clearly stating the conditions and requirements of the lending.
Actively hindsighting lending decisions to ensure that correct procedure are being followed in the approval of facilities, which will prevent new NPL’s.
Regular perusal of relevant internal & external communication, such as circulars, economic reviews on industries, & financial or industry publications to ensure that any development, new requirements or external risks are properly taken cognisance off in lending decisions or conditions of lending.
Staff training internally credit staff and externally by supporting POR staff with the emphasis on the requirements to make a meaningful assessment of the credit risks involved.
Manage the implementation of personal credit processing systems and software and monitor performance of same.
Participate in PBB EXCO, CRMC and other relevant committees as required.

Key Performance Measures 
To achieve 100% compliance to agreed governance and control within PB Credit Evaluation.
Effective management of credit loss within budget.
Partner & Support Business for growth of quality risk assets
People succession for all Key Roles within the Unit
Timely and accurate submission of all required returns, reports.
Control Costs within budget.
To provided Customer Service to internal to ensure that their requests are dealt effectively and timorously i.e within agreed TAT


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