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SPIE Oil & Gas Services, a specialist subsidiary of the SPIE Group, is an international company providing services to the oil and gas industry.

* SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides its clients, which include oil companies, engineering firms and oil and gas contractors, a complete range of resources, skills and services for exploring and investigating new fields, building and operating facilities, and optimising production under optimal safety, cost, deadline and quality conditions.

* SPIE Oil & Gas Services, which is currently established in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, can call on the services of 4000 trained, loyal and valued individuals in 23 countries across five major business lines, including well services, systems integration, expertise services, competence development and asset support.

* Boasting a global view of the market and resources that are readily available, SPIE Oil & Gas Services delivers performance that is measured and appraised through a regional approach. The company is true to its values as it is to its quality, health, safety and environmental commitments.

Procurement Leader

Your Main Missions Will Be

  • As a member of MIIE Project,
  • He/she is in charge of Procurement activities for the MIIE Project.
  • He/she ensures the procurement Engineering progress, the internal reporting and customer reporting.
  • He /she is in close cooperation with the spare parts leaders, maintenance leader and inspection leader.


  • Must be and remain well informed of rules, instructions and procedures regarding QHSE.
  • Implements and ensures implementation of SPIE OGS QHSE rules, instructions and procedures.
  • Makes proposals for the continuous improvement of QHSE provisions.
  • Draws up noncompliance and/or observation reports when noting any malfunction or risk situation and transmits them to the local QHSE department.
  • Immediately alerts any person who caused a risk situation, on noting the occurrence of any such situation.
  • Adopts an eco-approach at all times in the exercise of his/her duties.
  • Alerts the line management when encountering any professional situation that does not comply with the principles and rules governing the carrying out of SPIE Group activities (Ethics Alert).
  • Manages Procurement Team.
  • Is responsible for Procurement issues.
  • Prepares with Spares Parts Leader the complete supply chain process flow to have in due time the SP stored in the warehouse.
  • Gives all call for tender status with an update of the SPL issue status.
  • Provides recommendation including all necessary documents (such as comparison tables, validation sheets, offers…).
  • Provides the draft PO of each expected Purchase Order for CMMS – SAP.
  • Ensures the follow up of Purchase Request and associated documents.
  • is the main focal point to procurement status with all data allowing an easy POs/SPs tracking and progress
  • negotiates with suppliers all clauses: prices, delivery terms, and penalties
  • expresses recommendations and transmits them to COMPANY
  • Is strongly involved in project milestones within MIIE Team.
  • Defines and Implements MIIE Procurement good practices, standards and Procedures.
  • Provides Procurement MIIE Knowledge and Know-How to SPIE OGS Collaborators.
  • Reports to Head of project.

Skills Required


Engineer Level with 7 Year Minimum Experience

  • IT KNOWLEDGE: Microsoft Office and SAP
  • LANGUAGES: Fluent in English (Written, Spoken)
  • OTHERS: Ready or used to work abroad for spot mission or long assignment.
  • Strong Experience required in Procurement, Management and Planning
  • AVERAGE EXPERIENCE:SAP or CMMS knowledge, Logistic.
  • Previous experience in Procurement activities on oil & gas plant

Effective Communication / Capacity to influence the organization / Leadership / Motivation / Negotiation and conflict management / Problem solving

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Candidates who do not meet job criteria and mode of application would NOT be considered

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