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The Business Entity 

Global Virtual Sales is on a journey of Transformation. This journey will result in a Transformation of the experience for our customers, partners, stakeholders and employees, driving higher relevance and stronger business results for Cisco. Two of Cisco’s top priorities are focusing on growth in the Commercial market globally; and building an Industry Leading Cloud/Software Sales Engine.

Our Global Virtual Sales organization, which leverages virtual technology to grow revenue and build relationships with customers and partners, is expanding our sales coverage to help accelerate these areas of the business.

The Team 

Global Virtual Sales is the incubator of talent for the rest of Cisco. Our teams are involved mainly in Commercial, Enterprise and Public Sector business, but also Channels and the different architectures.
We carry full responsibility over large territories, with productivities over $3,5M, and our ambition is to develop the business and generate double digit growth. We are focusing on our customers/partners and are driven by results.
We are covering the entire Cisco’s portfolio, that’s why we need smart and agile Sales people, who are ready to execute and accelerate on our core business, and to disrupt by leveraging the new sales models (cloud, services & software).

Job Title: Virtual Sales Specialist Service

Role & Responsibilities 

This position centers around the optimizing the existing mainstream Cisco Services business. This role focuses on service attach in parallel to the product sales to ensure the highest possible services attach rate. This role requires excellent communication skills, intimate knowledge of Cisco’s services offerings and channel partner environment as well as the usage of services data tools. This role also leverages existing Cisco best practices and resources to drive partner services practice creation both directly as through the supported Global Virtual Sales VBMs, VSAMs, VPAMs.

VSS will alternately focus, based on the needs of the business, the entire service sales cycle from lead generation to close. The assigned sales territory will be geographic and will focus on Partners and End Customers.

This work will primarily be done through virtual interactions with the VBMs, VSAMs, VPAMs, vendor line managers (VLMs), GVS managers and Cisco partners leveraging the phone, WebEx and TelePresence 100% of the time, with the exceptional travel to the other virtual sales hubs.

50-60% of time VSS will manage the services business of the VBMs, VLMs territory interacting with the field PSDMs to support the VBMs for any expert needs in order to attach services.
20-30% of time VSS will spend on the services sales enablement of the affected roles, mainly the VBMs, VSAMs and VLMs to enable full services attach, full visibility of the escalation pipeline and to drive sales sufficiency of the all involved parties.
• 10-20% of the time of the VSS be selling to Partners,
• Develop and maintain relationships with assigned VBMs via virtual meetings, telephone calls and emails
• Facilitate the interlock between partner resources and Cisco counterparts to drive growth
• Organize regular training sessions for the following communities: VBMs,VSAMs, VPAMs, VLMs, GVS managers and partners if needed to drive deeper services knowledge
• Leverage Web 2.0 tools to ensure regular interactions, promote awareness, and provide training to foster stronger linkages throughout the organization
Sales Execution area
• Operationalize business fundamentals for service attach, provide necessary data support both in the pre-attach phase as in the post-attach phase.
• Continuously work on the services sales process improvements.
• Facilitate and monitor implementation of operational and business process changes within the VBMs/VSAMs/VPAMs
• Get in direct contact with the partners through the VBM introduction to facilitate the services sales process
• Accelerate Partner self-sufficiency via process improvements, tools awareness/training, and development of repeatable methodology
• Manage offload to the services back office where applicable

Partner Business Development initiatives focused on practice level creation and acceleration;
• Jointly with VBMs/VSAMs Lead virtual engagements with partners focused on partner’s services practice level initiatives and development that result in tighter integration between the partner and Cisco
• Collaborate virtually with partners on execution of key business development priorities as jointly defined with the partners
• Guide partners through Cisco online resources, e.g. Partner Practice Builder, Steps to Success, PE Navigator, eConsulting, Partner E-learning Connection, and Partner Central, to enable partner access to Cisco best practices and knowledge-base
• Advocate partners service capabilities within and outside of Cisco and help to build interlock to strategic groups and extended teams if appropriate
• Virtual and or Remote Teaming: Working effectively with colleagues, clients, partners, vendors and direct reports in virtual / remote business environments through the use of technology tools, and the application of superior communication, relationship building and management, and influencing skills.
• Analytical Thinking: Use a systematic approach to gather information and extract relevant data in order to understand the requirements of the business, derive hypotheses or conclusions, solve problems, and make valid decisions.
• Data Analysis: Identifying patterns and trends in both quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions, solve problems, and devise solutions.
• Goal Alignment: Creating a line of sight between own and other’s objectives and those of the business unit as driven by strategy, maintain consistency between individual and organizational goals, and realign goals in response to the changing realities of the marketplace and the competitive landscape.
• Partner and Vendor Management: Negotiating agreements and managing relationships with partners and vendors to achieve efficiency, leverage expertise, and drive business success and cooperation.
Time and Productivity Management: Applying personal organizational strategies and processes to prioritize and efficiently manage a high volume of work activities
•Sales insight and strong relationships, fiscal savvy
•E2E process knowledge Opportunity to Cash to Entitle
•Grow Services offering and process knowledge of self and Inside Sales Team.
•Policies, Systems, Processes, Tools
• Forecast and deal risk management concepts

Minimum Qualifications 

● BS/BA or equivalent
● 3-5 years of related sales experience, preferably in a contact center or fast moving sales environment. IT experience a plus
● Excellent Communication and presentation skills.
● Effective CRM Utilization
● Understands competitive environment and can autonomously position Cisco solutions successfully. Further able to gain advantage on competition by moving beyond product vs. product situations into other areas of decision making process such as original drafting of RFP or compelling financing solutions, etc
● Role model ability to articulate the value of a converged data, voice and video network.

How To Apply

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Special Sales Specialist Service

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