10 Non-Governmental Organizations to work for in Nigeria

NGOS (Non Governmental Organizations) are organizations that are neither part of a government nor conventional for-profit business. They are usually set up by ordinary citizens. NGOS may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses or private persons.

Most individuals do not want to work for NGOS because they feel that the pay is not substantial. If you read the last post “Why you should consider a volunteer job in Nigeria” then you will be motivated to try your hand at it.

This is a list of 10 NGOS you can work for in Nigeria.

  1. The Deloitte Foundation

This foundation supports education. Their main aim is to help develop the talent of the future and their influences. They also strive to promote excellence in teaching and research.

In essence they train you to train others. Their focus is mainly on how youths can overcome challenges in the business world.

One major benefit of working for this foundation is that you have a higher chance of working for the Deloitte Company. You also get access to other programmes like MBA, fellowships, professorship and more.

  1. Oxfam International

This NGO is centered on poverty charity. The good thing about this NGO is that it is employee centered. It strives to make its employees as comfortable as possible with regards to their jobs.

Working for this NGO opens you up to the world as it gives you the opportunity to enrich your career across diverse programs.

The job also comes with juicy benefit packages.

  1. UR4 Africa

This is an NGO that is all about promoting African media. They use the media produced to impact the lives of Africans through community engagement and education. They also offer training on production, screen writing and photography.

If you have had some experience in production or photography and you wish to share your knowledge or enhance it. This is a good place to start.

  1. Wecyclers

Wecyclers is an NGO based on incentive based recycling. However, they have an internship program that holds every 2 months. The programme is based on business development in Nigerian startups.

The interns work closely with the CEO and observe the daily operations of the startup company. The position basically opens you up to the workings of a business firm in Nigeria.

  1. SOS Foundation

SOS stands for Skills Outside School. This is a foundation that focuses on helping students acquire relevant skills that can be of help to them in the Nigerian labour market. It basically offers career mentoring sessions, skill acquisition workshops. They also embark on projects that boost the employability of the Nigerian youth.

  1. TWB (Teachers Without Borders)

The TWB is an NGO dedicated to education. What they do is train teachers to serve as catalysts of change and hope to the younger generation.

Their aim is to connect teachers to information and each other in other to bring about social change.

  1. LEAP Africa

LEAP is short for Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability & Professionalism. The NGO aspires to improve, empower and equip Africans with skills and tools for organizational and community transformation.

They also focus on youth development, employability, entrepreneurship  and SME development.

  1. FATE Foundation

This NGO was created to tackle the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria. Their mission is to foster wealth creation through entrepreneurial development in Nigeria.

They focus on entrepreneurship education, business support and research and policy.

  1. HOPE Foundation

HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) foundation is an NGO that is geared towards creating social change agents for Nigeria. It works towards empowering and educating young individuals to become agents of change in every sector in Nigeria.

  1. CDnet

CDnet is an NGO that focuses on career development. Their aim is to help the average Nigerian youth chart his/her career paths. They provide you with different career options and guide you through your decisions.

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  1. Please, I’m a teacher education graduate and also holds a diploma in Education Management. I hold a computer proficiency certificate and an Advanced Diploma in Automation Engineering and also a level 3 City and Guild Certificate with various work experiences in education, marketing, hotel ,clerical work and so on. I want you to help me find a job in any of these NGOS where I can fit in and contribute meaningfully and also learn varying skills from them. I will be very grateful if my request is urgently acceded to. thanks

  2. Yakubu Iliya says:

    Presently carrying out research on the impact of the contribution of nongovernmental organizations on the administration of public secondary schools in northwest geopolitical zone, Nigeria.
    If you have data on any NGO that is contributing in one way or the other in sustaining the education system, please send their details to me.

  3. Sa'adatu Bala says:

    Hi, am a graduate in mass communication, i will be very greatful if you can help me get in job in UR4 Africa or any of the NGOs. Where i can also contribute meaningfully. Thanks.

  4. Ngorube Millicent Oluchi says:

    I am a graduate of health information management , pls I need a job

  5. mohammed abbagana says:

    Hi.am a graduate will be happy if I can be a member of TWB.tnkx

  6. Mukhtar A Modi says:

    I am graduated of legal studies and i am seeking a job. Even NGOs is acceptable to me.

  7. adedamola olajumoke says:

    I run an NGO called Treasurefield Foundation, with the vision of giving life and light to the rural hild. We educate the rural child at no cost:free uniform, books and feeding. We seek for NGOs who will be interested in children, knowing well that with education, life is meaningful.Please valuable information and guide is welcomed.

  8. Chika Alozie says:

    i i wili will like to be conneced with Deliotte foundation.

  9. Mubarak Ladan Mada says:

    I will like to be part of NGO’s so that I put my experience and knowledge to make the organization reach it’s mission.

  10. A.C Filibus. says:

    l holds a B.Tech(Hons) in Animal Science & Production, in addition to that, a Research Assistant (RA) ,a Field Person.


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