10 Nigerian Companies You Can Volunteer To Work For Right Now

As an unemployed undergraduate in Nigeria one of the ways to get busy in your unemployed state is to volunteer. A lot of emphasis has been placed on volunteering as it helps the undergraduate in various ways:

  • It helps you boost your CV
  • It helps you acquire new skills
  • It helps you boost your social networking skills
  • A volunteer job can become a full paying job

It is usually very difficult to volunteer at corporate companies, it is however easier to volunteer at NGOs and non-profit organizations.

You might be a bit confused as to where and where you can volunteer and what organizations will accept someone that wants to work without pay. Well, here is a list of 10 companies you can volunteer for in Nigeria.

  1. Foodbank Nigeria

This is a non-profit organization that gathers and distributes food to programs and agencies that feed the hungry. They carry out their operations through identified channels. They work with food retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers to acquire, store and distribute food to their member agencies. Their mission is to identify food gaps in Nigeria and address these gaps through appropriate innovative programs, education and advocacy.


  1. United Nations Children’s Fund

This is an agency that works with the Nigerian government to strengthen prevention of all forms of violence against children. They function through developing standardized tools and materials, also setting up working protocols and training materials which they use to govern the system. If you are passionate about children and want to make a lasting difference in their lives you should volunteer here.


  1. Marie Stopes International Organization, Nigeria

Marie Stopes is a result-oriented social business that aims to provide reproductive health care through modern marketing and management techniques. Their mission is to help the less privileged Nigerian have access to reproductive health care. The company has branches in 42 countries. The company focuses majorly on ladies who want to have the chance to have a child when they want to. They also educate women on family planning.


  1. International Citizen Service

This is part of the VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) initiative. It gives youths between the ages of 18 and 25 the opportunity to be part of a development project in Africa, Asia or Latin America. The ICS focuses on alleviating poverty, the program gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over and opens you to a world of possibilities


  1. Wecyclers

Wecyclers is an NGO based on incentive based recycling. However, they have an internship program that holds every 2 months. The program is based on business development in Nigerian startups. Volunteers work closely with the CEO and observe the daily operations of the startup company. The position basically opens you up to the workings of a business firm in Nigeria.


  1. Recycle Articreate (RAR)

This is an initiative for children with creative abilities to express themselves using recyclables. The company partners with LAWMA and a host of other companies to spread awareness about recycling and how to better your standard of living. They hold events at intervals and always require volunteers to run these functions.


  1. The Deloitte Foundation.

This foundation supports education. Their main aim is to help develop the talent of the future and their influences. They also strive to promote excellence in teaching and research.

Their focus is mainly on how youths can overcome challenges in the business world.

One major benefit of working for this foundation is that you have a higher chance of working for the Deloitte Company. You also get access to other programmes like MBA, fellowships, professorship and more.



This is a company dedicated to giving graduates and undergraduates the chance to intern, volunteer and pursues opportunities abroad. It has a Global Internship Programme that provides an international platform for young people to develop their potential and have positive impacts on the society.


  1. UR4 Africa

This is an NGO that is all about promoting African media. They use the media produced to impact the lives of Africans through community engagement and education. They also offer training on production, screen writing and photography. They host events at intervals and require volunteers.

If you have had some experience in production or photography and you wish to share your knowledge or enhance it. This is a good place to start.


  1. LEAP Africa

LEAP is short for Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism. The NGO aspires to improve, empower and equip Africans with skills and tools for organizational and community transformation.

They also focus on youth development, employability, entrepreneurship and SME development.

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